The Latest Smartphone – HTC Sensation XE with Awe-Inspiring Features

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The original Sensation was recognized for both its looks and performance. The rebirth of the Sensation is certainly glorious. Featuring a combination of features, such as Beats Audio and the speed and style you have come to expect, you would be mistaken if you did not take a closer look at this phone when you are in the market.

HTC Sensation XE

The headphones are the Monster iBeats model, and would be rather costly if you were to buy them separately. The gadget has a built in microphone as well. When the headphones are plugged in, by evasion HTC’s music player gives you the option of having new improved and improved controls. It sounds amazing and attractive too, when you have the beats off option activated. With beats turned on, the music has depth and even with treble turned up to the max and it works fairly well with most tracks.

Hardware with Awesome Music

The Sensation XE is great both in terms of a phone as well as a music device. The fast dual-core processor assists its speed, and battery life has a reasonable duration of 5 hours and 20 minutes, which is on average with other Android Smartphones. The screen is also amazing. Its high 540×960 (qHD) declaration makes text and images sharp, and there’s plenty of opposition. The screen is also bright and it has been found that the middle brightness setting is more than enough for general use.

Running the Ice Cream Sandwich version of the operating system, this phone is comfortable besides other high end phones. If you enjoy a phone that looks as good as it works, then the black case with red and silver detailing is certain to please. Sophistication and comfort meet with this device, offering a sturdy and comfortable feeling in the hand and pocket.

Those of you who intend to use this phone to enjoy music should be pleasantly surprised. Those of you who won’t rely on this mobile phone as a music player will also be pleased by the increased speed of this device when compared to the original. Powering the change you will find a Dual-core CPU of 1.2GHz. These features place this device in close competition with other smart phones. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this phone remain at the top of the market for quite some time to come.


Increasing the performance of this phone was clearly important to HTC since they used a 1.2GHz dual core that has been recognized as a leader in the field. The RAM of this phone comes in at just under one gig. You most definitely will notice that this operating system has been optimized to give you a much more responsive interface. Throughout this powerful little device you will be pleasantly met with a smooth operating experience that improves upon the original. It is safe to say that this phone is more than capable of satisfying most users. I believe that HTC has become a serious contender with this phone.

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