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  • Finding the Time for Romance with Your Partner

    Finding the Time for Romance with Your Partner

    Anyone who has enjoyed the thrill and excitement of a romantic relationship will know just what a disappointment it can be when the romance fizzles out. This can be for a variety of reasons – it is not a sign that you and your partner are no longer in love but often it is the […]

  • Advice On Muscle Building

    Advice On Muscle Building

    If you want to gain muscle, then you need to eat more than you do now. If you end up eating too much, you might end up getting fat. I am talking about eating good healthy food 6 times a day with the right portions. This may sound like a lot of food for some […]

  • Advice for Surviving Life with a Hoarder

    Some people simply don’t have what it takes to get rid of things that are no longer functional or don’t serve a purpose. From outdated machinery to magazines and newspapers that were never read in the first place and probably never will be, there are so many things that the stereotypical hoarder believes will one […]