‘Super Mario 3D World’ First-Ever 3D Game on Wii U

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The First 3D multiplayer Mario game for Nintendo’s Wii U console is here in market. It’s been very difficult for Wii U to stand in market against tough competitors like Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, but new Super Mario 3D might prove as a backbone for Wii U’s survival. If you are pretty much aware of games on this Nintendo’s console let me assure that Super Mario 3D is Best game till date, this game is definitely going to prove to be entertaining for core gamers and Super Mario fans. Let us see brief review of Super Mario 3D World.

Super Mario 3D World

Wii UThe Game can be controlled using Wii remotes or Wii U Game pad. Off-TV play allows you to play game on, Game pad screen. So if you don’t have access to television you can still play the game by changing it to Off-Tv mode. You can even play the game in Multi-player mode with use of Game pads and Wii U remote controls. At a time total 5 players can play Super Mario 3D on TV with few of them using a remote control and rest using game pad. This facility really grabbed our attention as you can see the efforts Nintendo has put to make its game robust. You can even get in or drop out of game at any level and any point of time if you are on Game pad.

The Wii U users finally get to play multi-player using all the characters together since last Super Mario. Each character in this game has its own play style and powers.

Super Mario Characters

Mario who acts as a lead character in game, beating its enemies with a goal to reach golden flag. In this 3D version for Nintendo, you can even play with characters like Luigi where you have different super powers than Mario. This factor has made this game even more interesting. Apart from the new characters, there are power-ups like such as a flying squirrel suit that allows players to glide across long distances. Even baby Yoshi has a special ability which differs from individual to individual. The new cat power allows players to attack enemies mid air with the paws and run like a cat with all four legs. Our very own and favorite  old power ups like super acorn, super mushroom, fire flower, ice flower and mini mushroom are also there in this game.

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