How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows?

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There are many cases where we like to clean up our computer for free space, but unknowingly we delete some important files too. Files like photographs, office files and clips are still recoverable and there are ways to recover deleted files and folders in Windows. Let’s see how to recover deleted files in Windows.

Recover Deleted Files
Recover Deleted Files

For the recovery of file we need a third part application; as there are so many Windows File Recovery software and applications out there but Recuva is one of the best which we tried and tested.

How to Recover Deleted Files

First of all download the Recuva from its official website and install in your computer. Download Recuva Here, and after installing Recuva open if and follow bellow steps.

1. Select the Drive from Where You want to Recover File

Recuva - Select Drive
Select Drive

Here just select the drive where your file was located. It can be any drive’s partition. Here we are selecting our C: Drive where my files were stored and deleted now.

2. Click on Scan Button

Recuva - Scan

After choosing right Drive, click on Scan button. Within few seconds it will scan your that entire partition and collect all the details about what was stored.

3. Find and Select the Files

Recuva - Select Files
Find and Select the Files

Once scan is completed, you will see the huge lists of files to recover. In that so many necessary as well as unnecessary files exists to. You can search it and select them one by one.

4. Click on Recover Button

Recuva - Recover

After locating your files and selecting them, just click on recover button. It will recover you almost all the deleted files within few seconds or minutes.

Note: There is no chance that your each and every files will get recovered because it is depends upon the partition cache and records. But most of the time it recovers the files without any issue.

Via following this method you can recover deleted files in Windows.

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2 responses to “How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows?”

  1. Harshit Jain Avatar

    Great Article Atul Bro, It will help lots of people to recover lost files.
    Bro there is also one software available to recover deleted file named “EASEUS Data Recovery” you should try this.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Thanks Harshit brother for your suggestions, and Yes EASEUS Data Recovery is also one of the good alternative to Recuva. Still I prefer this first because it gets started with small download and things are easy to get done. If this not work then Sure try EASEUS Data Recovery software.

      Thanks for your nice comment brother keep visiting and suggesting your opinions.

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