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Are you exploring the market place to know the job prospects as a civil engineer? This article can help you to gain better insights as well as help in understanding the roles and responsibilities involved in site engineering jobs.

Site Engineering

Civil Engineering Overview

Civil Engineering is a branch of engineering. Civil as the very name suggest is associated with civilization and ensure building structures which is for the society’s good. Usually civil engineering involves construction of roads, bridges, dams, highways and much more.  The roles and responsibilities in the discipline vary from other branches of engineering.

If you are willing to get a rewarding career profile in the domain, your resume should comprise engineering qualification and a degree. Most of the organizations go on hiring candidates who are deft with latest industrial practices and are well versed with changing scenarios.

Creating structures is the primary role of the engineer but at the same time he needs to be considerate about the social responsibility engaged in the process of development. With depleting natural resources and environmental sheen government has evolved various measures that should be undertaken at the time of development. Civil engineering involves the professionals to be updated with these latest norms and changes so that the development takes place is in sync with the environment. Therefore both public and private sector is recruiting experts and professionals work as per the transmuting situations.

How to Become a Civil Engineer

Aspirants taking up a career in civil engineering can go for jobs after completing their graduate degree. The degree apprises students on various subjects like math, chemistry and physics. Course duration is 4 years. Many students also plan to undergo postgraduate degree and prefer to do analytical study of the subject to get better job opportunities.

Civil engineering and the Specialization Associated

Civil engineering also opens wide gateways for the aspirants to choose a career path in the following domains mentioned below.

  • Surveying
  • Coastal Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Material Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Water Resource Engineering

Why Civil Engineer is a Never Fading Job Profile?

As long as the people want to build they will be requiring civil engineers and hence the demand tends to generate over the period. Whenever there is boom experienced by the economy the demand for the infrastructure tends to swell up.

Civil engineer plays a key role. He develops designs and checks the feasibility. If you are interested in getting roads, railways, dams, bridges or any other structure designed civil engineer is the first one to be contacted. He plays several roles and takes the charge of the army of people working on the site.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Civil Engineer

The roles and responsibilities of the engineer vary. In fact he is the person who is responsible for each and everything happening at the site.

  • Designing and developing the layout of the structure.
  • Checking the feasibility of the layout developed.
  • Frequent checks on the work progress.
  • Intervention to affirm that the development takes as per the set standard.
  • Ensuring quality.
  • Timely delivery of the project undertaken.

For those who are willing to establish a career in civil engineering needs to stay abreast of the latest happening along with the inflationary and the recessionary changes in the economy.

Some Site Engineering Job Profiles

  • Chief Engineer
  • Researcher
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Engineer
  • Supervisory Engineer
  • Professor and Teacher
  • Independent Consultants
  • Director of Public Works

Salary and Compensation

Civil engineering ensures great prospects and is highly rewarding job profile. Civil Engineers usually earn a salary package of 5-6 lacs. The salary offered tends to increase with experience. The professionals at higher profile earn 10 lacs per annum or even more.

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