Does Your Professional Makeup Artist Possess These Important Qualities?

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Makeup artists are a blessing for young brides and grooms all over the world, who want to spend their loveliest day in life the loveliest way possible. Wedding day make up is one thing you should never screw up. Makeup is all about enhancing the beauty you process within, and not drastically changing the personality altogether. A perfect wedding makeup artist knows the last minute tensions and physical/ mental stress a bride and groom faces you can find some professional makeup artists at HandyHome. Here are some important things you should know before selecting a makeup artist.

Professional Makeup Artist

Where to Start Looking?

Although there are many beauty parlours and fashion magazines available as resources, it will be better to contact any recently married couple from your friend list, to inquire about makeup artists. You might have noticed the makeup and vibrance of some recently married couples. You can hire their makeup artist, because they have already proven their charismatic skills. Another way is to browse the internet and fashion magazines to find world renowned professionals. If you are not bothered about the makeup expenses, this will be the best choice.

The Wedding Blogs

Wedding blogs are the hubs of all wedding related information. There will be picture galleries of proven professional artists. You can find the best among them by scrutinizing/ comparing their works. If you are planning an exotic wedding outside your hometown, it will be expensive to bring your makeup team along with you. This is exactly where these blogs come to help you with the details of local makeup artists.

Should You Sign-up for a Trial Session?

It is advisable to do a trial makeup, after fixing an appointment with your makeup artist. Wedding is already quite stressful. Hiring an unknown makeup artist is the last thing you want. Book an appointment way before the wedding date. Talk to them about your expectations and preferences. Listen to their assessments and plans about the makeup. You can also seek their help to understand and try latest trends and different styles. It will be better to start caring about your skin, hair, and style, well in advance before the special day. Having a trial session will guide you through all these processes.

Trial sessions will help you to

  • Workout the strategies.
  • Change the makeup artist if you are not satisfied with them.
  • Get breathing time in case something goes wrong.
  • Try out new styles and fashion.

How Much Should I Spent?

When it comes to looking good on the most amazing day of your life, you need not worry about expenditure. However, wedding extravagance is not advisable, if it can severely damage your financial balance. You should prepare a comprehensive budget for your entire wedding, and assign a percentage to the makeup. Hiring world-renowned professionals might be expensive, but that’ll bring a class of elegance to the entire event.

When to Start Looking?

It will be better to start the hunt soon after the engagement or 4, 6 months before the wedding date. Wedding day preparation is a long process. You cannot simply expect the makeup artist to do some sorcery and present you in your best form. You have to do your part too. Listen to the advice of professionals and start doing skin care treatments such as face packs and facials. You can also adjust your diet to get a perfect figure. Planning ahead will give time for you to create and implement strategies.

Things to Remember

  • Advance booking: You should not ensure the presence of makeup artists through verbal contact or online chatting. Always prepare a contract, or book them in advance.
  • Know the hidden charges: No one wants to spoil their special day arguing with bills. Ask about all the charges and hidden expenses to your makeup artist.
  • Be prepared: If you are hiring a professional, ask them about the contingency plans. In case they couldn’t attend the function; you have to have a backup plan.
  • Know the arrangements: Some firms run by well known makeup artists will send their juniors to the wedding. You should ask them in detail whether they will be present at the venue, or someone on behalf of them.

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