Overcome or Reduce Excessive Heating Issue of Mobile Phones

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As the technologies in mobile phone and smart phones are increasing day by day, the numbers of functions are increasing as well. Thus mobile companies are coming up with new hardware which directly affect to energy consumption. More energy consumption means more production of heat. Thus here we have a short suggestion on how to overcome or reduce the excessive heating issue of mobile phones.

Generally the heating issue is normal if you are using smart phones, because they are uses heavy-duty processors and big battery which causes for heat generation.

Burning Mobile

If the mobile phone or smart phone generating excessive heats then you need to care about certain things. Follow up below point which will help you in keeping your mobile phone cool always.

1. Be in Cool Places

Unlike you do not want to be in hot place same the mobile phone wants. Make sure that where you keep your mobile phones is cooler place. If you have Air Conditioner in home then it is good if not then place your mobile phone where air passes clearly. Proper ventilation in room makes the whole room cool even it is a summer season.

2. Turn off Background Running Services

In mobile phone there are dozens of background running services, we do not use them always so it is good idea to make them all off. Background running services are also a reason which will heat up your mobile phone especially when those services use internet.

3. Turn off Wireless Connections on Ideal Times

When we do not use any internet and any kind of wireless connection make sure that they are off. It saves battery and also keeps your mobile phone’s temperature lower.

4. Don’t Keep Your Mobile Phone Near Other Electronic Equipments

If you are keeping your mobile phone near television, fridge, and computer’s desktop and any other electronic equipment then change the location of keeping your mobile phone.

Because such devices emits radiation and when any device emits radiation the another device may get interrupted with high frequency. On the same time mobile forces device to cross that interruption and generated heat. So never keep your mobile phones near other electronic equipments.

5. Remove Back Cover While Charging

While charging mobile phone many times it happen that the battery heat up a lot. This only happens when you have a faulty battery or you have just covered your mobile phone. If you are using any protective cover then remove it, if possible then remove battery cover also while charging.

6. Restart Your Handset Once in Couple of Days

If you use any smart phone and multi functional mobile phone then restart it in between few days. You will feel that your performance is better and mobile stay cools.

7. Use Battery Saver Apps

In mobile phone the major part is covered by battery only rest others just uses the battery. In mobile phone hardware like processor generates heat when they are used extremely. Thus using a battery saver application here is important.

8. Dim Display Lights When Needed

Just like battery, display also emits heat when they are set to show brighter lights. When you are in low light places it is better to use dim lights in your mobile phone’s display. This will save battery also and emits no heat.

9. Make Use of 2G more Over 3G or 4G and High Speed Internet Services

We all like faster internet speed, but speed is required only when we are watching online videos and surfing websites. But when we do not need internet for more than receiving emails and messages it is good idea that you switch to 2G connection.

2G uses less battery, whereas 3G and 4G are uses more battery and heat up mobile phone.

10. Avoid Exposing the Handset to Direct Sunlight

We do not need to expose the mobile handsets to direct sunlight especially when you have a black mobile handset. As we all know black things are good source of reserving heat.

Keeping above all points in mind and following them will sure help you to overcome the overheating issue of your mobile phone.

If nothing we’ve suggested work, please contact your mobile phone service provider and report them the issue of excessive heating of your mobile phone. They will check the problem and give back a new life mobile phone.

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