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A blog is an online method of spreading information and it lives on internet online. All the jobs like broadcasting information and promoting it also done online where we choose banner advertisements, email marketing, generating subscriber and promoting your blog on another blogs. We all do everything online and really there is a need of offline methods of promoting your blog which will sure help to rich at top of the sky. Let’s discuss more about offline methods of promoting your blog.

Offline Promotion

Promotion of blog is not a one man show. You will always need help of several people or a group of people to accomplish this task successively. Here we have shown some basic techniques of promoting your blog offline which will spread your name everywhere without ads being online.

Printing T-Shirts of Your Blog Name

People like to wear T-Shirts in every season, you may have seen in IPL (Indian Premier League) people wear T-Shirts of their favorite team which is provided by its team management in stadium. So this is a method of offline promotion which makes people to remember you always. You can do same here for your blog also, if you really have a great blog and publishing information very quickly and readers also like you then sure promote T-Shirts of your blogs name. This will encourage people to trust more on you and your blog.

Conducting Contests and Events

Contests and events are the heart of people they like to participate in this any time. If you conduct a contest or an event which promotes your blog then it is the way of offline promotion. People never forget the name of contests and events, so conducting it worthier than any other offline promotion methods.

Offering Utility Things of Your Blog Name

Offering utility things like Key Chains, Rubber Bands and any other utility things which has a name of your blog on it is none other better way of offline promotion. Spreading name of your blog is much important if you want to people only talks about you only.

Conducting Seminar and Referring Your Blog

A tough way but most prominent method of getting offline people on your blog soon online is presenting yourself in seminars where you need to discuss on any particular thing and need to share the thoughts of experts. Here you can refer your blog address and other contact details also. Chances are very high that people will sure go online after completion of seminar.

Become Sponsored for Events

Most expensive but more reactivating method of promoting your blog is sponsoring events. It is expensive but your blog name is exploded every time here. This is method of becoming a good blogger at very huge corporate level where limited blogs are exists now. Here you will lose nothing because after event your name is sure increasing your reputation which is far better than advertisements.

These followings are the methods of promoting your blog online. If you are really a good blogger and want to expand your career at very high level then sure do offline promotion which is base of blog.

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3 responses to “Offline Methods of Promoting Your Blog”

  1. kamran Avatar

    Nice Post, But all of them are paid methods,

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Thanks Kamran for commenting here.
      First of all there are no words for a Pro Blog like paid one because the results of these techniques are quite impressive and effective, they all are really important to do.

    2. Pooja Soni Avatar
      Pooja Soni

      Hello Kamran,
      I am totally agree with Atul’s words that their is no word for professional blogger like Paid one. Really there is a awesome results you can see after you pay for a nice service. The success is never achieved free from anywhere you have to pay for getting anything in return.
      Thanks Atul for posting such a nice post…