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Small InvestmentIf you looking for best small investment ideas then you are at right place, in this post we are going to explain some small investment big return ideas. If you have some amount of money which is not in use and not will be used for some times then you can invest it to get most out of it. Savings accounts are just giving us only 5% to 6% of per annum which is equals to nothing, sometimes debit card’s annual charge and over transactions eats up you saving’s interest where you earn nothing.

Investment is new trend of making money from money. You do not need any high special skills for it but the general knowledge about investments. Let’s see some small investment ideas.

1. Investments in Mutual Funds

When you have small amount of money in your hand then no company is going to sell you their shares and debentures. But mutual fund is a method which will help you to invest in shares and debentures. Mutual fund is just a collaboration of some small investors who put their money with a fund manager who will invest that small-small collaborated huge money only there where is profit.

Mutual Funds are take care by market experts so nothing to worry about the loss. There are 99.99% cases where they give maximum profit to their mutual fund investors.

2. Trade in Forex

Forex means foreign exchange; here on the basis of change in rate of currencies people earn money. This method of investment is risky in nature but sometimes gives huge profit. If you have good knowledge on exchange rates and accounts then your small investment in forex gives you a lot.

3. Investments in Gold, Silver and Precious Metals

If we come to bit higher investment idea but let low, precious metals like Gold and Silver already shown its growth from last 100 years. If you see past prices of such metals you will see there is only growth. Don’t buy ornament out of metals just buy 100% pure biscuits.

4. Investment in PPF (Public Provident Funds)

Public Provident Fund is another method of investing you money where they give higher interest rates about 8% to 10% per annum. The advantage of this fund is that income earned via PPF (Public Provident Fund) is continued to be exempt from income tax.

5. Investment in IPO (Initial Public Offer)

IPO is the initial stage of companies where they issue shares for the first time. As per the statistics of market we have seen most of companies’ given over 20% to 40% of returns, even some companies also given more than 50% of returns which is amazing.

These are some of the small investment ideas which help in making more money out of money. However some ideas contains risk some not but little inspection before investment is always good idea.

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