Make YouTube Videos Load Faster and Consume Less CPU

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YouTube FeatherYouTube is one of the popular and growing video sharing website for people. Now it is 2nd search engine after Google and number 1 video search engine for movies, video songs, comedy videos, live shows and even how to videos. YouTube is primarily optimized for your all devices like Computer, Mac, iPhone, Android and other smart phones. But we do not have high speed internet access all the time. In the world there are thousands of users who have low powered computers. So here are some of methods by which you can make your YouTube videos load faster and consume less CPU and hardware resources.

1. Use YouTube Feather

YouTube Feather is a lighter version of official YouTube. It is a separate option made by YouTube team to allow below powered computers to load YouTube videos faster and in more reliable way. The best feature of YouTube Feather is that in this lightweight version all heavy scripts and ads are removed to give you complete and lag free user experience.

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2. Use 340 Pixel Resolutions

YouTube supports video resolution from 144 Pixel to 1080 Pixel. The higher resolution you select the more power and hardware resources like more CPU, RAM and Graphics you need. For an optimal user 340 Pixel is enough resolution to see everything clear and on this resolution video load faster. So use 340 Pixel as you default choice to get a buffer free experience.

3. Check You Internet Speed

Must check the internet speed for which you are paying. Never get fooled by internet service providers as it happens in so many countries. Understand the difference between KB and Kb where KB is Kilo Byte and Kb is Kilo Bit.

8 Bit = 1 Byte

So, if you have an internet connection of 2 Mbps then you actual download speed would be about 0.25 Mbps. Divide the internet speed by 8 to know what would be your internet download speed per second.

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4. Use Latest Flash Player and Graphic Drivers

Latest flash updates are necessary to get awesome user experience. New update involves new features and better hardware control supports. Now a days your browser has inbuilt feature of updating everything automatically.

Graphic drivers allows system to utilize complete available hardware resources, that means you may have more power which is unlocked by installing latest and supportable graphic drivers.

These above are the methods by which you can make your YouTube videos load faster.

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