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If you are looking for a Good CPM (Cost Per Milli) Ad Network then MadAdsMedia would be a better choice for you. In this review we will explain why you should choose MadAdsMedia Ad Network.

As we know AdSense is number one Ad Network for publishers, but their rejection rate is very high. If you are disabled from AdSense and not getting approval from here, you must try out MadAdsMedia.

Getting approval from MadAdsMedia does not need any special criteria and requirement. You just need a worthy website on which you able to put their ad units. But the MadAdsMedia is a CPM based ad network, low traffic will not help you to earn money. You must have good amount of traffic especially from US and UK and rest of the world.

MadAdsMedia provides you maximum fill rate with RPM (Rate Per Milli) is ranging about $ 0.05 to $ 1.50 which quite effective and good if you have nice traffic to your site. I suggest using CPM ads if you have no click rate on your site.

If you want to use AdSense along with MadAdsMedia then it is also possible because AdSense policy only instruct that you cannot use same looking ads as AdSense and MadAdsMedia is 100% safe and unique here. You can use MadAdsMedia along with AdSense or both ads on the same page.

Below is the earnings report of this site for three days and we really feel good to be here.

MadAdsMedia Earning Report

If these review make you interested to join MadAdsMedia then go for it.

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