Logistic Companies in India

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After the world is become smart to provide the best services at the lowest cost the need for the best logistics company suddenly gets increases. Thus, here we are presenting the top 5 leading logistics companies in India where they have the best name in the logistics services from years ago.

Logistic Companies

The following are the top logistics companies in India.

1. TNT Express

Corporate Office: Bangalore, Karnataka | Site: www.TNT.com
Business: Shipping & Logistics | Established in: 1994

TNT Express is a global leader in shipping and logistics solution in India. The main corporate office of TNT Express is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. TNT Express company has more than 75000 employees worldwide (…in 2013…) including India country also. TNT was established its Indian operation in the year 1994, making its very first Multinational Express Company to set up operations in India on its own. TNT Express today owes the widest self-dependent network of the company in India.

2. DHL

Corporate Office: Mumbai, Maharashtra | Site: www.DHL.co.in
Business: Courier, Supply Chain & Logistics | Established in: 1969

DHL is the global market leader in the logistics company. DHL commits its expertise in international parcel, express, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, contract logistics and international mail services to its customers. DHL is a top ranked logistic company from India which provides more than 300000 of employees worldwide (…in 2013…) including India country. DHL service is mostly known for best courier and shipping services all over India. Many Indian companies prefer DHL for the logistics services because they have good network in India as well as outside it also. In Mumbai like wealthy city they have headquarter and from this city they operate all the logistic functions to other branches.

3. Blue Dart

Corporate Office: Chennai, Tamilnadu | Site: www.BlueDart.com
Business: Courier & Logistics | Established in: 1994

Blue Dart is leader of Air Express, Integrated Transport and Logistics Solution in India. In country like India long distance payment is also sent via Blue Dart only because of its best coverage all over the territory of India. Blue Dart is now ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company which fulfills all the needs of express package and courier delivery service in India.

4. FedEx

Corporate Office: Dallas, USA | Site: www.FedEx.com
Business: Transportation & Logistics | Established in: 1973

FedEx is known worldwide for their best shipping services in more than 220 countries and territories including much market popularized in India. From world point of view FedEx is the brand for delivering goods and in logistics solution.

5. All Cargo Logistics Ltd

Corporate Office: Mumbai, Maharashtra | Site: www.AllCargoLogistics.com
Business: Logistics | Established in: 1993

All Cargo Logistics Limited is a multinational brand which is specialist in logistics solution. This company has more than 200 Offices worldwide. The strength of this company is very strong due to single line of services they provide which is only Logistics Solutions.

These are the top 5 list of the best logistics service providing companies in India.

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  1. handytechplus Avatar

    thanks for sharing this useful information dude.. 😀

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Welcome buddy for telling your words…

  2. Ryan Turbill Avatar
    Ryan Turbill

    These Companies are Best Logistics Companies in India… I wonder is this a Updated List or some other companies have overtaken them?

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Hi Ryan,
      These are the updated list of 5 Top Logistic Companies in India. Many a time company change their name or get merged with someone that’s why it sounds different. Thanks for your comment. Keep visiting our site.

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