It’s the Pants That “Make the Dance”

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What’s the most critical factor of all when preparing yourself for a dance-date, dance-party, or dance class?


Some might argue it’s the hair, the shoes, the attitude, or brushing up on your dance-moves before heading out the door. But no, I can tell you what it is in a single word – pants. That’s right, completing “the look” that will make you stand out (in a good way) in the context of “communal dancing activities” is 100% all about the pants.

So in the interest of helping you find the perfect dance pants for your next outing, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when you go dance-pants shopping:

1. Get the Right Pants for the Dance

The last thing in the world you want to do is stand in the middle of a dance floor unable to help to notice that your dancing pants are completely out of place. That can be embarrassing, and it can hinder your ability to move confidently through that dance floor, step by step, smooth, vibrant, and impressive like you want to be doing.

The dance and the music go hand in hand, so we don’t need a separate tip on matching the pants to a music style. The simple fact is, if you want to 100% fit into the atmosphere and contribute to the cosmic ambiance, you need one kind of pants for jazz but another kind for hip-hop.

And you have to consider the timing of the dance event as well. Palazzo pants, for example, are great for summertime, both because they are eminently breathable and trendily “in-season.” But winter is just not Palazzo time.

Bottom line, check the latest fashion news on a dance-specific level to make sure the fashion police don’t stop you at the dance hall door.

2. Get the Right Pants for Your Personality

Ok, I’m not going to pretend this second point doesn’t cancel out the first one, but it’s nevertheless just as important. And each reader can decide which one they prefer to follow.

You can’t just wear what everyone else is wearing because they are wearing it. You want something that uniquely fits your personality and looks good when you put it on. Some, for example, just love capri pants to death, but others complain they “look frumpy” in them.

The more traditional minded may insist on a solid color, while others would feel uncomfortable in anything without an eye-bedazzling pattern printed all over it. Harem pants are the new look of hip-hop, perhaps, but some insist on more traditional hip-hop garb.

It’s all up to you: baggy or tight, faux leather, shiny, dark and plain, sweats, shorts, anything that gives true expression to your “inner style.”

3. Know Where to Find the Best Pants

You may be able to find “acceptable” dance pants around every corner almost, but what if you want to wear something that truly stands-out and fully befits the dance style and/or your personal style? Where do you shop?

I can’t be expected to know where the whole world is buying its pants, but I can tell you that a good deal of the dance world is shopping at local shops, which seems to have literally every variety of dance pants under the sun (besides a few beyond the sun out in deep space).

Shopping online for your dance pants gives you quick, convenient access to a much greater selection than any one brick-and-mortar store is likely to contain. So in this author’s opinion, it only makes sense to go online before you go on the dance floor.

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