Invisible Yet Unbreakable Threads Between Geo-Science and Data Science

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GeoScience describes all about the body of knowledge of our mother Earth. It is one of the oldest departments of data science and technology. It narrates the long story behind all the reactions and happenings that have been going on our planet since ages. It includes the study of everything that our nature has given to our planet. Geosciences studies from the minute sand to water, including all the various layers of the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere.

GEO vs Data Science

Our mother earth’s resources are taken care by our Geoscientists. Their only approach is to keep our planet Earth evergreen forever. Their knowledge and hard work have only one objective and that is to understand the changes and processes our planet Earth is going through. Along with our planet, the study of other planet is also very significant in the study of the Geosciences.

These are the Geoscientists who are the caretaker of our green planet. Understanding the planet and keeping it green forever is the everyday objects of the life. Scrutinizing the Earth as well as exploring another planet in the universe holds their top interest. Discovering about various resources of mother Earth and changes in it such as land , soil, air, water, prognosis of the Earth’s climate, changes in the environment since years, types of wind, rain and their causes behind them, study of rocks, different lifestyles of different creatures on Earth as well as in other planet, studying about the resources of Earth as well as letting the government know about the different safety measures the government has to take in order to save lives from the various kinds of natural calamities or natural disasters .

All that a Geoscientist cares about is the Earth. They are most and always concerned about how life came into its existence, how it is surviving, how creatures deal with ‘the survival of the fittest’ theory, how life can survive during the natural disasters, why these natural disasters take place, why different changes are inhibitory, why the changes actually take place, why the glaciers shrink, why volcanoes evolve, why the earth revolves and rotates, why and how the solar system came into existence. Supporting life on earth as well as trying to connect with the neighboring planet’s life and examining the resources present in them and how these resources can be brought to our planet for its welfare. Change in the global climate, and how energy, water, and oil came into form and how they can be saved from being extinct. Learning about the past and visualizing the future of the planet’s health is completely in the hand of the Geoscientist.

Data Science is another important field of science where it studies completely about various files of data. It studies about both structured as well as unstructured data. Statistics and various kinds of information leading to analytic study in data science dealing various data mining strategies.

Data Science is the theory that deals with the study of digital signal processing, statistics, mathematics, engineering in data mining, data cutting, data forming, computing, coding, development of computer programs, the realization of pattern, graphs of signals, probability, artificial intelligence and various analytical programs. Formulation and working on data is important instead of investigating on it in Data Science.

Along with robotics, digital economy, and finance, Data Sciences also show its influence on Geosciences, health and medical influences on humanities. These Data Scientists using their potential and brilliant ability manage and enhance the elephant size of data.

The Geoscientists put their best effort for changing the planet earth to the data-rich planet which has become poor due to atmospheric and environmental pollution. Data Science has helped Geo Science a lot in this platform. The remote sensing satellites, the various large-scale processing programs, and various analytical tools provide huge terabytes of data in all forms which helps immensely in the study and perceiving the behavior of the Planet Earth’s ecosystem.

Since GeoScience and Data Science work hand in hand for the welfare of the planet’s health we can call them together as Geo Data science or also Earth Data Science. It is using high-resolution Big data with a wide range of dimensions. Parallel and scalable techniques in data science help a lot to solve problems that come from the analysis of Big data. Another two techniques that help in the domain are land cover type classification using SVM and Density-based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise (DBSCAN). Thus, a lot of Geoscience challenges are being solved by data mining tasks of data science.

Thus, typically our Geo Scientists use tools all the techniques of Data Sciences to have a perceptible and compassionate theory of how the Earth came into existence and how it has survived till date and how it can withstand forever.

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