How to Successfully Utilize Technology for Your Wedding?

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All across the nation brides and grooms are turning to technology in order to make planning their weddings easier and better organized.

When a couple makes use of the technology available to them they not only save time but may also be able to cut some traditional items from their wedding budget. Here’s a closer look at how to successfully use technology to plan a wedding.

Sending Invitations

Designing wedding invitations can be incredibly time consuming, if only because there are so many different options to choose from. Different prints, papers, styles and messages can be overwhelming for some, and several online services have cropped up to help trim down the variety. Aside from the creation of invitations, assembling, addressing and mailing each invitation can be a huge drain on time and bridal energy. Some couples choose to use a traditional wedding invitation service that will do all of that tedious work for them, but those types of services can end up being incredibly pricey. A more budget-friendly option is to do online invitations in order to eliminate the cost of stationary and postage. There are many online wedding invitation options that are just as elegant as the real thing and will not end up getting lost in the mail. Digital invitation options also make it easy for guests to RSVP, and for couples to track who is bringing a plus one, and who has a gluten allergy at table seven.

Finding a Wedding Style

The best way to use technology in terms to finding and selecting a wedding style is to browse online as a way to compare and contrast possibilities. With platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram to provide inspiration for wedding favors, centerpieces and wedding dress styles, people are looking to social media in order to help them plan every detail of the big day. Brides and grooms-to-be are also going online to find the best wedding venues for their dream weddings. Searching online is a great way to save time while looking for a venue that hits all the marks when it comes to location, size, aesthetics and availability. Most venues will have a list of prices, available amenities and some allow booking online, without ever having to visit the venue in person.

Registering for Gifts

Many engaged couples still go into retail stores in order to scan home furnishings that they want to receive as gifts, but technology is changing the way some couples think about registering for gifts. Couples can now shop online, or compile their wish lists via multiple apps to send to their guests attached to their invitations. Non-traditional online wedding gift registrations now allow couples to ask for money to put toward their dream honeymoon, their first house, or even donate to their favorite charity according to

Keeping Track of Wedding-Related Plans

With all of the events that lead up to a wedding, people in the wedding party need to be kept apprised of all plans as they are made and changed to avoid missing something important. Calendar sharing platforms and apps allow bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents of the engaged couple to all be on the same page when it comes to wedding-related plans.

Coordinating Travel

For destination weddings or weddings where friends and family are scattered across the country or the globe, coordinating wedding travel is essential. Travel apps that allow everyone to share their flight plans and hotel information ensure that no one will be left out of the celebration and proper arrangements can be made in the case of a travel delay.

Capturing and Sharing Pictures

Crowdsourcing wedding photosis the hottest trend in wedding planning right now according to a recent report from CNN. Allowing guests to take pictures with their phones and upload them to a community account for the wedding ensures that newlyweds will have plenty of fun pictures of the event. In some cases, couples are actually forgoing having a professional photographer in favor of adopting this more casual approach to photography so that nothing takes away from their special day. Crowdsourcing also enables friends and family to see all of the pictures from the wedding without having to wait for film to be developed or for albums to be put together.

Remembering the Event

Some engaged couples take the time to create places where the memories of their wedding can live on through the use of popular technology. The most common examples of this are Twitter accounts, YouTube channels, Facebook groups, themed websites, or blogs for wedding guests and other valued friends and family who cannot attend the festivities themselves.

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