Business Solutions: How to Store Your Customers’ Data Safely

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When it comes to e-commerce, one of the most important responsibilities you have as an online business owner is keeping your customers’ information safe. Identity theft is on the rise, and is one of the most prevalent crimes in the world. However, there are some simple things you can do to make sure your customers can shop with you with peace of mind.

Purchase an SSL Certificate

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, but it’s not as technical is you might think. Essentially, purchasing an SSL certificate for your website acts as a wall between your site and the rest of the Internet. Most identity theft occurs when hackers “listen in” to conversations and activity happening on a website, like the entering of a credit card number. An SSL certificate makes your website a kind of sound proof room by encrypting your customer’s data. Your customers will know you have a secure site, also, because a green padlock will appear in their browser next to the “http:” or “https:”.

Earthquake Protection

Purchasing seismic racks for servers you may be using might not cross your mind as a method of protecting your customers’ data, but it can be quite effective. In the event of an earthquake, or any event that causes your server to move and network connections to be jostled, wires may pull and online processes stop. If your customer happened to be entering information during that time, it could potentially disrupt that process and could expose your customer’s information. This kind of event can also contribute to a loss of customer information, which can be detrimental to business, as well. Purchasing seismic racks helps to protect you and your customers.

Isolate Your Server

Many companies choose to use shared servers as a cost-effective way of hosting their files, but this puts your customers’ information at risk. Instead, choose to use a dedicated server solely for your business. This will give you total control over the information that is transferred, and can help you ensure your customers’ information is not compromised.

These are just three of the ways you can help ensure your customers’ protection online. When you take care of your customers, you also build a sense of trust, and trust is one of the main reasons customers return to businesses. Additionally, when you take measures to protect your customers’ information, you protect yourself legally, as well. Follow the above tips, and you will be making great strides towards protecting your customers and yourself.

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