How to Select Best Size Breast Implants for Your Body

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Sometimes small breasts become the cause of inferiority complex for many women.  Hence, under such circumstances, one will have to look at remedial action in the form of breast enlargement surgery. According to the definition it is a surgical implant aimed at increasing the fullness and projection of breasts. Often it tends to improve symmetry of breasts. It has often been seen that after pregnancy there has been a loss in breast size due to breast feeding. These measures are mainly there to undo the damage, which has been created.  There are three types of breast implant devices. It is classified into saline, silicone and composite implant.

Breast Implant

The saline implant has an Elastomer silicon shell filled with a sterile saline solution. The silicone implant has an Elastomer silicon shell filled up with silicone gel. While in case of composite implant the fillers can be anything from soy oil or polypropylene string. Now there are several factors as a patient one must consider before going under the surgeon’s knife.  It is a surgical process and there are bound to be incursions. Hence, it is a necessary that as a patient one is in pink of health. If the need be, one can also contact and seek advice from the medical fraternity on such matters. Moreover, some preparation work is required.

Other than the medical evaluation one may have to quit smoking and even stop taking anti inflammatory drugs.  There may also be a requirement to take special medicines. Now once all these issues are settled it is now time to look into the size of breast implants. It is the most important thing in the whole process. Actually the whole idea should be to make it look normal. Breast implants size is measured in cubic centimeters. Larger implants generally have a higher volume of cubic centimeters or cc. Now to arrive at the correct size one can defiantly conduct the rice test. Here one can look to put measured amount of rice in a plastic and then insert it in the bra. Actually this helps in arriving at the correct size of implant, which will suit.

One can also talk to friends who have gone under the surgeon’s knife. They will be able to guide in a proper way. In fact one can even try different size of breast implants in the bra at the doctor’s office. However, experience has shown that this is not a reliable method. There is the option of taking pictures of one’s own breast and then comparing it with other women who look similar. It helps in arriving at a proper conclusion. Moreover, one must think of the goals and the long lasting impact before arriving at the correct decision. Now once these issues are settled and out of the way one can now go under the surgeon’s knife. Even here there is a requirement to tread with a bit of care.

A surgical process often can go the wrong way. Hence, one must tread with caution and opt for experienced names. Any surgical process is costly. Therefore, finances are another area, which requires special focus. They tend to vary and depend upon things such as the surgeon’s fee, hospital equipment fee, the fee one may have to shell out for lab tests. Hence, finances will have to be arranged. Once such issues have been catered to and the surgical incursions are over it is now time to look into issues that occurs post Breast Enlargement Surgery. The recovery period is generally for a period is generally for a period of 24 to 48 hours.

Now after going home if one feels shortness of breath, chest pains or unusual heart beats one will then one will have to again be hospitalized for further treatment. Moreover, it is important to follow the surgeon’s advice to the hilt, or things may go wrong here. It is important that the places surgical incisions are not subjected to force, or abrasion during healing.

These are all about select best size breast implants for your body.

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