How to Keep Your Puppy Away from Digging in the Garden?

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Has your dog turned your once-neat-and-pretty garden into a disaster zone? If you’re tired of redoing your outdoor space and double cleaning your home, you’re probably asking yourself, “How do I stop my puppy digging up the garden?”

Puppy digging up the garden
Puppy digging up the garden

Digging is a dog’s natural instinct, so you can’t really scold your pup and hope that puts an end to this habit. But there are other tools you can employ to keep your garden safe.

Take a look at some of the most effective ways in which you can prevent your loving pet from digging your garden.

How To Stop Your Dog From Digging In The Garden?

Digging is like second nature to dogs. From wanting to relieve stress to crafting dens, dogs dig for several reasons. Having said that, digging can be an agitating behavior for a pet parent to deal with.

How to stop my puppy digging up the garden?
How to stop my puppy digging up the garden?

And in spite of all the training and patient commands, if your pup still hasn’t dropped this habit, you must be questioning how do I stop my puppy digging up the garden. Here are a few things you could do that will make a difference.

Relieve Boredom And Stress.

If you notice your puppy is digging up your garden obsessively, it’s probably stressed out and bored. Having nothing better to do and while all its human companions are busy, your pup keeps itself occupied by digging.

Since dogs don’t have the option of meeting their friends or watching a movie when they’re bored, they tend to dig in the garden to kill time and stay active.

You can find ways to include your pup in other activities. Playing with your dog indoors helps. You can also distract your pup with chew toys, bones, and games that you can play together. If your pup is focused on being indoors, it won’t feel the need to dig in the garden.

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Tire Him Out.

Tire him out
Tire him out

A tired dog is a happy dog. Most dog breeds, small or large, have unlimited reserves of energy. Jogging, running, and active playtime helps tire your dog out, and once exhausted, your pup is only going to want to relax and sleep.

Wondering, “Why is my puppy digging everything?” It’s probably because of a lack of enough exercise. When dogs don’t get enough exercise, they will look for other ways to expel that pent-up energy at home. And your garden with its inviting plants and pots would be among the first places your pup will reach out to.

Even in parks, pups will dig up patches of grass just to get your attention. If you want to learn how to teach your dog to behave in a park, tiring him out with physically engaging activities is the best way to curb this behavior.

Do Not Allow Toys Outside.

Do not allow toys outside
Do not allow toys outside

Toys placed outdoors are reason enough for your pup to believe that your manicured garden is its playground.

Your dog could even want to hide its toys and bones in the ground, as most dogs do.

Make sure you keep your pup’s toys indoors, preferably in and around its bed and sitting area. With enough toys to distract it, your pup won’t have any reason to venture out into the garden. It will effectively stop and prevent the digging behavior to an extent. And since dogs are creatures of habit, your pup will soon realize that the garden is off-limits!

Check For Hot Weather.

In the warmer months, dogs love to cool off in moist mud. This is probably why you see your dog digging up large burrows in your yard during summer or on a particularly hot day. If this is the case, make sure your home is cool enough to prevent your dog from seeking comfort in the garden.

You can also use an air conditioner or cooler at home to keep your pup cool and comfortable indoors.

Fence Off the Garden.

Fence off the garden
Fence off the garden

Thinking about what repels dogs from digging? A sturdy fence around your garden will do the trick nicely. Especially if you have a vegetable patch in your garden or yard, fencing off this area with a strong and spiked grill will prevent your dog from entering this space.

Place a fence around your garden to avoid giving easy access to your pup. If your dog can’t freely enter your garden, there’s no way it can dig the garden out. Problem solved!

Create A Play Area For Your Dog.

Dogs mostly dig because it’s fun. It’s almost a game for them. Building a designated play area for your pup, whether indoors or outdoors, would work nicely to keep your dog distracted from your garden.

You could include a nice patch of sand where your dog can happily dig. It’s a win-win situation for all!

Try Dog Sports.

Try dog sports
Try dog sports

Dogs are always looking for ways to stay physically and mentally stimulated. This probably explains why they love to dig so much. Looking for the best dog digging repellent? Why not try dog sports?

Canine sports and activities take active playtime a step beyond. You could create an agility course in one part of your yard to provide a fun physically and mentally active space for your dog. Even frisbee training and canine freestyle dance lessons can teach your dog a skill or two while maintaining good health.

Why Do Dogs Love To Dig?

Before you can figure out the answer to the question, “How can I stop my dog digging up the garden,” it helps to understand why dogs love to dig. What do they get out of it?

Why do dogs love to dig?

It’s In Their Genes.

Before dogs were fully domesticated, dogs were bred largely to hunt, dig, and work. Generations later, today, digging is a part of every dog’s genetic makeup.

It Relieves Their Stress.

Just like humans, even dogs experience anxiety, stress, depression, and boredom. By digging, dogs are only trying to feel less anxious and stressed. It helps them stay calm.

It’s An Escape Mechanism.

Most dogs are escape artists. When faced with threatening situations or people, dogs will dig out an escape route to crawl out of stressful circumstances. Can’t blame them, can we?

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It Helps Them Build A Secure Den.

Secure den
Secure den

Denning dogs like Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds dig to build dens in the ground as a shelter against the cold winter winds. In their den, they hibernate and stay warm and secure.

Final Thoughts.

How do I stop my puppy digging up the garden?

Dogs are only looking to keep busy, so don’t get too worried about their digging behavior. In all likelihood, it’s probably just a phase. If you’re still wondering, “How do I stop my puppy digging up the garden,” you can monitor their behavior and not leave them alone. Better yet, keep them active and distracted throughout the day, so they won’t be tempted by your garden.

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