How to Create Meaningful Relationships in the Workplace?

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Creating positive and meaningful relationships can play an important role in one’s career success because relationships may negatively or positively affect your satisfaction with your work. However, once you build relationships at work, you’ll feel more comfortable with your interactions as well as less intimidated by other people. You will also feel a closer bond to the ones you spend most of your time working with.


Unfortunately, learning how to create meaningful relationships in the workplace is not an easy thing to do. Fortunately, there are some ways on how to do it successfully and these include the following:

Don’t Be Shy to Initiate Conversations Through Asking Questions

Once you first meet somebody, it can be a little intimidating. Most of you would probably have no clue about how to say the words in your mind or what to say. In these situations, the best way to break the ice is to ask questions. Asking questions will let other people share some information and it can also be your chance to listen or share your story too. This can be helpful in establishing a bond with your co-worker.

Know-How to Control Your Emotions

Engaging in a new relationship at work may make you feel excited, but it can also make you anxious at the same time. You might not know how to interpret things like empathy vs sympathy or what actions should be taken since you do not have a clue about the other person.

The best way to overcome this is to determine the practices you may use to feel more comfortable in uncomfortable situations. One of the practices to control your emotions, especially when you are feeling anxious, is deep breathing techniques. This can help you keep calm and buy some time to think of the best response to clarify your understanding.

On the other hand, if you are feeling angry about something and you don’t want to affect the relationships with your co-workers, another way to control your emotions is by using the 10-second rule. To do this, count 1-10 to recompose yourself. Also, if possible, consider getting some distance from the situation and deal with it once your anger subsides.

Don’t Forget to Show Respect

One of the golden rules when creating meaningful relationships in the workplace is showing respect. It means listening to the ideas of your teammates when engaging in a conversation and showing respect for what they say even if they’re saying things you do not agree with.

For example, no matter what your position in the company, whether you’re superior or not, you have to show respect to everyone you meet. If you are the team leader, it is necessary to respect your subordinates, regardless if they did a great job or made a mistake. Once you show respect to them, you will also be respected and at the same time create meaningful relationships with them.

Socialize During Break Time

The secret to making new friends at work is taking advantage of break times to socialize. During your break time, try to have lunch with your co-workers instead of going home or playing games on your phone or computer. This is also a perfect time to find more things in common, which can help you create meaningful relationships once you’re back to work. In addition, it can help you expand your social network.

Give Your Attention

With today’s modern world, most people are always stuck in their electronic devices. Several employees may find it challenging to tune out such diversions. However, doing so can help with building relationships.

If you want to be effective in creating meaningful relationships in your workplace, you have to give other people your full attention and this means getting rid of your electronic devices for the meantime. Even if it is only a brief conversation, you have to be present with them and make them feel that they are important.

Keep the Boundaries and Keep it Light

When creating meaningful relationships at work, you have to establish some boundaries. Keep some things light and concentrate on work at first. You can share stories about weekend plans, projects or hobbies, but never get too personal or deep. Keep boundaries between personal and work-sharing until it is obvious that your co-worker is comfortable with you and becoming closer to you.

You should also take note to know how much interaction is a bit too much. If some are aware of what bothers them about their co-workers or how they get annoyed, it is much easier to avoid some situations that could cause friction. So, the more you understand your co-workers, the easier for you to create meaningful relationships.

Put in the Extra Effort Everybody

The key to building meaningful and stronger relationships at work is to put in the extra effort with everybody you meet. As simple as introducing yourself whenever you meet someone new or someone you are not familiar with will help you establish a good connection with them. So, never wait for them to start conversations with you and make an effort to reach out to them even if it’s a hard thing to do.

Try to Show Some Kindness

How you treat others will also be the basis of how others will treat you. It’s a basic principle that you should know, especially when learning how to create meaningful relationships at work. So, if possible, show some kindness to everybody at your work. You can do this by helping them with some of the difficult tasks or giving them a hand whenever they need to. Just make sure to know your limits and show kindness if only necessary because there are some people who will just take advantage of you.

Be a Team Player


You have to take note that great teamwork is vital to any vibrant culture.

If you know how to be a team player, it will be much easier for you to establish relationships with your co-workers.

Being a team player can be done by going along with the things even if it does not always fit your interests or agenda.


Creating meaningful relationships at work may not be an easy thing to do, but once you have done it successfully, it can help you in various ways. Aside from that, you will enjoy your work better and experience greater satisfaction in your workplace. So, invest some of your time in connecting with your co-workers while investing in your own well-being and career.

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