How to Buy the Best Diamond?

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Buying diamond jewelry requires a great deal of knowledge.

You would not want to make a wrong decision on this as you have to pay a hefty amount. Making a random decision can cost you more for something that is not worth it. So making the right choice by knowing a few factors is not only important but also wise.


Here are a few factors to consider while purchasing the right diamond:

The Four Cs of Diamond

Cut, clarity, color, and carat are the four main characteristics of diamonds that you have to know in order to grade it accordingly.

Cut: Diamonds come in various cuts. Some popular cuts available are princess, round, oval, marquise, emerald, pear, etc. A diamond that is well-cut will reflect light from one facet to another in itself. To check it yourself hold the diamond towards the light and check for the rainbow of colors it emits outwards. This is the sign of a natural diamond.

Clarity: The clarity of a diamond is dependent upon the purity of it. The visibility and quantity of flaws in a diamond is a factor that helps in the gradation of it. Absolutely flawless diamonds are rare and therefore more valuable. The size, color, type, and position of the flaws under 10 times magnification helps in determining a diamond’s clarity.

Colour: The color of the diamond determines its value. The more it is colorless, the more expensive it gets. Naturally colored diamonds are rare. However, the best quality diamonds set designs in the market might appear to have hints of yellow against a pure white background.

Carat: Like gold purchase, diamond purchase also happens in carats. Carat is the weight of the diamond. A single two carats diamond is more valuable than two one-carat diamonds as bigger diamonds are rare to find. So bigger the diamond, the more valuable it is.

Certification of a Diamond

A diamond’s authenticity, purity, and value are confirmed by certification. This certificate will have the exact information about a diamond’s measurements, weight, cut type, and quality.

It is very important to purchase certified diamonds when you are paying an enormous amount for it.

Customizing Diamond Jewellery

If you are putting a diamond on any other metal, then it is important to select the right kind of metal. While gold is more popular with Indians, platinum is a better choice in terms of strength and durability. Pure gold is soft and not suitable for studying.

Therefore, less than 24K gold will be used to fit the diamond.

So if you want the diamond to be exclusive, go for platinum if it is in a ring. In case, it is some other jewelry piece silver might as well be better because of its color. Yet, gold is not a bad option either if you like gold.

If you’re buying the diamond jewelry for someone else, make sure you know their taste, size, and personality well.

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