How Thieves Enter Your Home and How to Stop Them

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Burglars know how to break into a home quickly and easily. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to prevent a thief from entering your home. Most of the things you can do are free or very inexpensive. Here are some ideas that you can use to prevent a thief from getting inside your home.


False Alarms

An alarm system is a great way to stop burglars, but they can be expensive to buy and install. If you cannot afford an alarm system, you can make your own by simply hanging a bottle from the doorknobs on exit doors. When the door is slightly moved, the bottle will bang against the door and make a lot of noise, which tricks the burglar into thinking you are home and if you are home, it gives you enough time to alert the police.

Windows and Doors

Open windows are the primary source of entry for a burglar. Make sure all windows are closed and locked when you are away. Install inexpensive deadbolts on the doors and never hide a key outside. Wherever you think of hiding a key, a burglar will think of looking, so leave an extra key with a neighbor or nearby friend. A swage is also a great deterrent. This is a device that is installed under a door or over a window to prevent it from being opened more than six inches.

Tools and Equipment

Keep all of your tools, ladders and machinery or equipment locked in a shed or garage with a padlock to prevent the burglar from using your own items to break in. Wheelbarrows and other pieces of equipment can be used to stand on, and small hand tools such as a screwdriver, hammer or even a garden rake can be used to gain entry by breaking a lock or window, so keep all of your tools locked away and out of sight.

Trees and Shrubs

A burglar looks for access to a home in areas where he will not be seen, such as a window that is hidden by a shrub or a balcony that has a flower trellis leading up to it. Keep all trees and shrubs pruned and trimmed low enough to prevent someone from having a hiding spot. Flower trellises and other decorative items on your house can give a burglar a way in. Remove any item that is leaning on or hanging on your house, especially if it is something like a trellis that can be substituted as a ladder.


A tall fence is an easy way for a burglar to climb into your yard, without being seen. If you live in an area where part or all of your fencing is out of view from the street or neighbors, hang several signs on the outside of the fence to deter a burglar. Signs could say “beware of the dog,” they might be decoy alarm system signs or both. If there is a door or window within the fenced area, take extra precautions to prevent a break-in, especially if the window leads to a basement. Install window gating on low windows and install a deadbolt on the exit door. Burglaries can happen anytime and anywhere, so always be alert to your surroundings, and if you happen to be home when a burglar breaks in, never try to fight them off; it is better to lose material possessions than your life. Keep a phone nearby to quickly alert the police, and never enter your home if you suspect a burglar has been there or is still in the house.

These are the ways to protect yourself from thieves.

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