How Much Sleep is Important for Us

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Proper and complete sleep makes human active for all the day, but if you are stressed and sleep is incomplete then whole day of yours becomes full of laziness and nothing goes according to your mood. Incomplete sleep makes a man tired and unhappy, and sometime this also creates various kinds of illness. So here we are discussing full story on how much sleep is important for us and how much sleep do we need to take for a better day and for better life.

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Secrete of healthy people are not only depends upon their food diet but also on their sleep pattern. Your daily routine decides whether you need more sleep or not.

What Health Scientists and Doctor Says?

Sleep is the routine of we human which empower us for next day’s challenge, so if you take sufficient sleep then it makes you healthy and active. But if you sleep less or more then this causes various kinds of problems. Less sleep makes you more sleepy whole day and more sleep makes you lazy and inactive for whole day.

How Much Hours We Must Sleep?

Generally we say that 8 hours of sleep is perfect for we human, you may think this is right. But you are totally wrong because this is oversleeping. According to the Health Specialist Doctors, a perfect sleep should not be more than 6.5 Hours where less than this makes you sleepy and more than that makes to lazy.

Why Only 6.5 Hours Sleep is Important?

Our body is dynamic to understand, but not much complex that we could not analyses the strengths of our body. Today we have a competitive life and in this situation we use our brain more than physical activities. So we do not need more than of 6 Hours of sleep only to relax and refresh our mind. The 1/2 Hour is for refreshing of complete body. In these 6.5 Hours we supercharge our body, and we do not need more than this. So the 6.5 Hours of sleep is perfect for us human.

Some Tips to Follow Before Going to Bed

  • Leave everything which is running in your mind.
  • Keep aside your problems running inside you brain.
  • Use only soft pillows or better to use no pillow.
  • Use bed which is sufficient longer than your height.
  • Never sleep on rough place because it breaks your sleep.

Sleep is rest time of human body so take a complete and tension free sleep. Never think tension creating things at night while you go for sleep. Set you mind to relax level and have a good sleep. It makes you internally healthy and enhances the capabilities of doing your regular soft and heavy tasks.

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2 responses to “How Much Sleep is Important for Us”

  1. Shaon Avatar

    I listen that every day sleep 6 to 8 hours. You said every day sleep 6.5 for every person. I don’t know what the perfect duration for sleep is.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Hi Shaon, and thanks for your feedback.

      What you said is somewhere about to right but scientifically the 6.5 hours is the perfect time span of sleeping. With this time duration we neither feel lazy for more sleep nor depressed for less sleep. I hope you will get maximum benefit from this information.

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