How Can You Start Your Career in Remote DBA Services Industry?

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Are you thinking about starting a career in database administration industry? You have various job options like Oracle administrator, server database engineer, and data warehousing professionals. You will surely come across various advertisements seeking professionals like developers, designers or database administrators. If you are looking for a career move into IT or database industry, this can be the most suitable job for you.

Qualifications: For obtaining an employment in the database industry, you are required to possess mainly 3 types of qualifications, namely, experience, education and professional credentials. The ideal candidate will possess a proper mix of all these three criteria in a balanced way.

  • Experience: Though your resume can be filled up with relevant experiences in respectable positions, your employer might not feel interested in you if you do not have a proper college degree. It can also be another case where you have earned a degree, have researched and submitted a thesis paper but you want to start fresh. In this case also, employers will consider you just as a fresher and may not feel interested in taking you. If you want to get rid of this ‘fresher’ tag, you may search for entry level jobs such as junior database analyst or customer service employee at database helpdesk. These types of job profiles will help you earn experience in the industry and will make you familiar with various tools and techniques. After you have gained an experience for a year or two, you can seek promotion at current place or can move to a new company by adding your experience in your resume.
  • Education: Just five years ago, for holding a technical position in a database industry, you are required to obtain at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science. But now, considering the new internet era, requirements have been reconsidered. Graduates can now go for technical or vocational programs with no more high school level programs in computer science fields. But if you possess a computer science degree, it will definitely act as a boon and not a bane. For gaining a computer degree, you are required to check with your local universities or colleges whether they possess programs which suit your schedule. If you can spend a few bucks, you can also go for database classes held on technical institutes. This will help you gain quick knowledge for enhancing your resume.
  • Professional Credentials: Professional certifications can definitely help you in your future career where you can make huge amount of money. Certifications like CCNA, OCP, CAN, and MCDBA can help in stand out of the crowd. You are required to find a program that matches your skill sets and career aspirations. If you are looking for an entry level certification program, Microsoft will assure your employers that you are very familiar with all the features of databases of Microsoft Access. You are required to appear for just an exam and Access users can easily come out with flying colors with very minimum preparations. You may go for advanced programs like MCDBA (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator). This advanced program will include four steps of challenging examinations and after a successful completion, you will gain advanced knowledge of SQL servers. If you can really make it through all the exams, you will be a privileged member among certified database professional experts.

When you already know what the employers are looking for in the database industry, then you must arrange your career path accordingly. If you have identified some specific talents that can increase your marketability in this industry, then just go ahead.

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