Healthiest Ways To Shave That Won’t Tear Apart Your Skin

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Both men and women in this day and age find it beneficial to shave, whether it is a man keeping that beard at bay, or a woman desiring a smooth, hair-free look about her legs. Many people feel that the most beneficial aspect of shaving is keeping unpleasant odors from arising. But shaving does not have to be an unpleasant affair which sees the shaver losing pints of blood or layers of skin during the process. A few easy preparatory steps can make your shaving experience, regardless of gender, a pleasant undertaking.

Here are some tips to help your shaving regimen go off without a hitch.

Healthiest Ways To Shave

Direction Matters

The direction that you shave is a key factor in how the skin and hair will respond. It is always a good idea to go with the grain of your hair first. Once you have removed the majority of the hair, regardless of location, a second pass can be done against the grain to remove any stubs of hair that remain, ensuring a smooth feel no matter which direction you rub.

Shaving Cream and Gel

A great many men and women still use that age-old method of lathering their face or legs with soap, and then painfully rake their razors back and forth until their body hair is removed. Using shaving cream, or better still, gel, will add moisture and lubrication, thus, toning down the possibility of cutting yourself or causing a bad case of razor burn to break out.

Blade Count

Making the investment in a razor with multiple blades is another way to guarantee an enjoyable shave. Pinching pennies in this department will only end up in razor burn, cuts or other unpleasant aspects of applying a razor to your face or legs. A good rule of thumb is to never shave with a razor with less than 3 blades, and for good reason: First, a cleaner and closer shave is assured, and second, you will not have to go over the same area multiple times, thus, causing irritation or cutting yourself.

Women Only: Armpits

For women not living in Europe, and for those Westerners who deem it socially acceptable, shaving your armpits can be, well, irritating if not done properly. It is a good idea to not shave as closely under your arms as you would other areas of your body, and the reason is clear: Most women use some form of deodorant, and if you cut too close to the skin, once you apply your deodorant, you might be met with a burning sensation that really is not pleasant.

Shave Late, Not Early

It is never advisable to shave early, especially if you plan on being outdoors to any exceptional degree. When we shave, we remove a protective first layer of skin from our bodies, and this leaves us more susceptible to weather and the elements. When you shave later in the evening you are giving your body a chance to repair the damaged skin overnight before you once again journey outdoors.

Moisturizers and Lotions

Men and women need to take advantage of these helpful applications after finishing a shave. Men, take advantage of the nearly dozens of aftershaves out there. They help soothe the skin, especially if you shaved to close and have gotten razor burn. Women, make use of the different moisturizers that litter our health and beauty stores and shelves. (This author has seen his wife come out of the health and beauty department with so many shaving gels and moisturizers that she might as well have had a sign hanging from her neck saying, “shop here!”) Whereas shaving gels keeps your skin soft during the shave, moisturizers made for the skin once you have removed the hair helps keep in moisture and soothes any irritations.

These are some of the tips which are healthiest ways to shave that won’t tear apart your skin.

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