Google Unveils Smart Contact Lens for Diabetics to Measure their Glucose Levels

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The company Google X Lab introduces Smart Contact Lens for diabetics to measure their glucose levels. This is similar to Google Glass but it is a totally different concept. As the company says it is just the testing prototype of Smart Contact Lens that uses a tiny wireless chip and a glucose sensor which is embedded in between the layers of contact lens material.

Google's Smart Contact Lens
Google’s Smart Contact Lens

It works on the certain body fluids like tears to measure the glucose our levels. According to Google, the sensor is capable to take around one reading per second. It is also capable to warn users about their glucose levels when it reaches out of its certain levels.

Google's Smart Contact Lens Details
Google’s Smart Contact Lens Details

Google says that it is working with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to turn these prototypes in to a real product and it is working with experts to bring this new technology to market. These partners and the company says, “We will use our technology for a smart contact lens and develop apps that would make the measurements available to the wearer and their doctor.”

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