Google AdSense Launched Asynchronous Ad Code

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After so long time, Google AdSense finally changed their ad serving method by introducing asynchronous ads for their publishers. Java Scripts adds more time in web page loading and our target is always to reduce the java script files. But as we need to use ads we can’t do this.

Asynchronous and Synchronous

Java Script affects the loading time of your webpage because when we insert Java Script code in our HTML file the browser will synchronously download all the available Java Script files first then execute it before the HTML code get served to our display.

The biggest drawback of Java Script is that it can be blocked due to any reason which alters the network firewall and any other block able thing. Here the blockages lead to have incomplete web pages. If you are on slow network then Java Script files are almost offline for you.

Finally the web performance engineer of Google AdSense team introduces these new techniques of serving ads asynchronously to their publishers where the issues of slow loads become blazing fast.

AdSense Asynchronous Code
AdSense Asynchronous Code

Asynchronous code renders web pages smoothly without interruption of any network issues. Here the script gets loaded parallel and do not block any web pages to render itself.

If your blog and website is slow and heavy much with so many Java Script files and you are using Google AdSense as a ad network then you can cut little bit heavy files by using such Google AdSense’s new asynchronous ad code.

However still the old synchronous code is served by Google AdSense because the new asynchronous is in beta stage.

Now Choice is yours, try the new synchronous ad code and make site faster.

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  1. Benny mathur Avatar
    Benny mathur

    Nice Article, up to date information. I guess most of us till now not aware of this new thing what it is and how to use but your article make it easy to understand


    Benny Mathur

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      I am happy that you participate in reading the news. I hope you come to know new things, successfully.

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