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Where world is going faster and faster day by day free WiFi also becoming rare to be unavailable in local places. Today public WiFi is becoming more popular to access internet almost everywhere and the objective of such free public WiFi is to encourage as many as people to come across the business place and service areas. There can be two kind of network available over WiFi which is either password encrypted or open. Open is available mostly at shopping mall, cafe, hotel and place where service is provided.

Free WiFi Internet

Know how WiFi capable to access internet

Now every featured or smart phone packed with wireless facility where having WiFi is a common thing. A WiFi can able to transmit the internet packet data up to the range of several meters. Several meters means more than 20 meters with better signal, after 20 meters the signal range become dull. If you smartphone has the feature of WiFi then just keep it on to see how many WiFi access points are available to you. You may see two type of signals available one is locked and another is unlocked, where unlocked one is available to use internet for free.

Where people can get free WiFi access

Question sounds like tricky, but really it is almost anywhere where professional crowed gathered. My mean is that where you see business and service place near you there can be free WiFi. Normally cafe, shopping malls, ice cream parlor and place which is joined either in business or service sector there you can able to access a free and open WiFi internet.

Who else allows free WiFi access

Normally internet service provider itself provides free WiFi access in city where you have to pay a nominal fee on month basis and you can access internet anywhere where your service provider established their wireless coverage. Your cable TV provider also provides such facility but they charge little bit higher than others.

Final opinion is WiFi is almost free everywhere, where you do not need to pay for using 3G or 4G connections to access them outdoor places. You also does not accept contract with your service provider every time. America, Europe, China, Australia and also several developing countries who provide it free. It can be a hotel, cafe shop, shopping malls, hotel, university or colleges who allow such free to use.

If internet is so much useful for us then WiFi is also necessary to distribute it for free.

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4 responses to “Get Free WiFi Almost Everywhere to Access Internet”


    Is there any website available to locate wifi hot spot or hub near to me.?

    1. Atul Kumar Avatar

      There is but for android. Name of App is WiFi Finder.

  2. Sameep bhushan Avatar
    Sameep bhushan

    Thank you friend this blog was very informative for me. Was looking for this information from quiet a time.
    Thank you again.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Welcome Sameep for your precious feedback…

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