General Travel Tips to Make the Most of Your National Park Vacation

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Everyone loves to go on a vacation to one of the amazing 407 National Parks in the USA. An outdoor vacation seems to be just perfect for your well-being, adventure and ultimate relaxation provided you are able to skip the noisy and crowded hiking trails or campgrounds. You need to plan ahead if you wish to make the most of your National Park vacation. Here are a few travel tips that you should keep in mind.

Avoid the Crowd

You must keep in mind that the summer months seem to be the peak season for National Park visits as it is warmer and school vacations are on. The National Parks could really be busy. But if you start your day early, you would be amazed to find hardly any cars outside. You should go out in the evening when sunset is nearing so that road congestion is not a problem. If you plan a vacation in spring or fall, you would definitely, get better wildlife sightings and fewer people. Weather could be erratic so you should be ready with cold weather or rainy weather gear. You should find out the exact opening, as well as, the closing dates particularly, for all those parks that are situated at higher elevations or in the northern climate.

If you are planning a visit in the summer to any one of the more popular parks like Acadia, Yellowstone or Glacier, you need to make all your reservations well in advance whether in the park lodging or the campground. Remember to start your day a little bit early to enjoy the serene ambiance and a quieter experience on hot favorite drives and hikes such as visiting the Sun Road (Glacier National Park). You could consider choosing off-beaten paths to explore the place in peace and solitude. You could consider visiting lesser-known National Parks such as Isle Royal in Michigan, Lassen in California, or Capitol Reef in Utah for avoiding the crowds. You could opt for one of the exciting Zion National Park tours for your next vacation.

Do Your Research

You must plan everything beforehand for a really chilled-out, stress-free, and enjoyable vacation. Browse through the specific National Park website and learn about all the things you need to know before you set out for the park. Follow their suggestions regarding sights, hikes, lodging, and directions to the park.

Get Travel Insurance (Especially International Tourists)

It is recommended to take out travel insurance, the moment the vacation plan and travel plans are confirmed. This ensures that you are covered in case of any mishap or unpleasant incident takes place such as sudden illness, family emergency, injury, accident etc. Experts suggest that it is best to take an insurance policy that covers medical, cancelation and also, emergency evacuation including associated hospital treatments. Remember to take your travel insurance policy number and all relevant emergency telephone numbers.

Travel Tips for Those on Budget

You could try visiting the National Park on free entrance days. That saves you some money. If you are above 62 years of age you could consider purchasing a lifetime senior pass only for $10. Disabled travelers and volunteers have free entry but need to apply for a pass.

Some Safety Tips for Everyone

It would be better if you leave behind your airline tickets, passport, cash and important documents at the hotel or lodge or some other safe place before going out for the day. Keep all tempting valuables such as cameras, phones, handbags, wallet pouches etc. out of sight. Do not leave them on the back seat of your tour bus or hired car. Better keep them safely in your room safe. It is worthwhile to leave your valuable jewelry back at home.

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