Four Most In-Demand Careers

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Are you looking for a suitable Career? Do you want to bag your dream job?

With the hope of acquiring a job position that is high in demand across organizations, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with industry standards and requirements. Skills that were revered and important five years back may be dead by this time. There have been lots of transformations businesses, enterprises and individuals have sensed, which certainly require re-skilling of your technical talents and careers. Otherwise, there are many such job positions that have a long professional life and are equally treasured since their inception a decade or so.

If you want to add some of those trending and valuable skills to your professional existence, scroll down to know the most pervasive and high-paid profiles you can embrace and step ahead in your career.

Hadoop Analyst/ Hadoop Administrator

We can’t see an end to big data, but ever-evolving volumes of structured and instructed datasets are making us ready to handle the Big Data wind. Enterprises largely rely on top niche technologies and digital platforms to excel in their business and gain a competitive edge. The arrival of Internet of Things (IoT) and an increase in social media channels, each sector is moving forward in the digital race.

Henceforth, more and more companies are looking for experts in Hadoop who can analyze and administer data effectively and productively. Employers need individuals with extensive backgrounds and having a deep understanding of data analytics tools like Hadoop. It shows an excellent exponentially increasing curve on the job trends presented by Even when compared with other data administration tools and platforms like MongoDB, Cassandra and others, Hadoop tops the list.

Data Scientist

According to, the number of Data Scientist jobs has seen a big jump in the first quarter of 2015, a 57% rise than last year. McKinsey predicts a massive shortage of professionals skilled din data science and analytics as there is going to be a huge boom in related job opportunities by 2018.

With an exclusive report of IDC, the amount of data is anticipated to reach 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020, which projects a plentiful, demand for analysts and scientists who can create value from this data. Further, this big data discipline depends on programming languages like R and Python, software developers and IT departments can have an advantage over others to enhance their skill set and take their career and business to the next level.

Mobile Application Developers

Each technology article mentions the intensity of digital growth in the present time. Our smartphones govern most activities concerning our office and personal lives. Mobile apps are an integral part of our routine as they keep help in reaching out to wider audiences with convenience, connect us well with business and enterprises and let businesses earn bigger benefits and sales.

There are around 80% smartphone users worldwide and thus, nothing can be better than becoming a smart and proficient application developer and serve the world. Recruiters can never stop chasing developers, and this time, it is the turn of mobile developers who have an excessive demand in Android and iOS industry.

Digital Marketers

From Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert to Google Analytics Professional to Content Writer to Social Media Marketer- companies want a competent, brainy and resourceful digital marketing team. Referring to the above point, each aspect of our livelihood has transformed digitally, and we are making incredible progress in e-commerce- whether e-Tailers, online sellers or consumers. Digital marketing continues to be most suitable vertical, providing employment to a vast scale.

Experts predict 1.5 lakh digital marketing jobs by 2016, with the boost in internet and social media channels. With the integration of technology and marketing through mobile phones, you are going to have top-paying jobs in this subject of interest.

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