Fixed Deposit Schemes for Retirement

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If you are like most people, you’ve probably thought about retirement once or twice. It’s definitely crossed your mind but never so much so, that you actually decided to do anything about it. Well, now’s the time. We might think of retirement as something far off that can wait a while. But, that’s almost always wrong. Retirement is a time that requires immense preparation and enough strength to deal with any setbacks. If you’re at a crossroads, here’s some information on how Fixed Deposits can help you out.

What Investment to Make?

A good income for your retirement can come from a plethora of different sources. However, it matters what the investment is because of your needs at the time of retirement differ from the needs of others. There are a hundred investment options waiting to be taken, but what you pick heavily depends upon what income you will need at the time of retirement. If you’re looking for a monthly income during your retirement, as many do, then a Fixed Deposit is the right kind of investment for you. As far as safe investments go, a Fixed Deposit is a very attractive option, especially during the long term, since there’s both security and growth. It is clearly the best investment to get a regular monthly income.

Why Fixed Deposit?

One of the best things about Fixed Deposits is the freedom that the investor gets with one. When thinking about investing in Fixed Deposit account, there’s really no such thing as too early. The earlier you invest, the better your returns will be. The fastest and easiest ways of making your money work for you is through a Fixed Deposit account. It’s both quick and easy. You simply invest a certain amount of money in the account for a pre-decided period of time, and at the end of that duration, you’re given a fixed interest rate. It’s a low risk and a stable form of investment. There’s also the fact that invests your money in a Fixed Deposit you can get more interest rate and therefore, more returns, than if you were to invest that money in a regular savings account.

Why Monthly Income Scheme?

If you’re thinking about investing in a Fixed Deposit account for the purpose of retirement, the monthly income on Fixed Deposit account will help you. Instead of the interest being paid in a lump sum amount at the end of your tenure, the interest FD rate calculator is calculated and given to you monthly. True to its name, this is known as the monthly income scheme and its one of the most popular ways of sustaining oneself after retirement. However, you do have an option to pick between monthly, yearly, or quarterly. The interest rate is dependent upon the tenure and the total amount that you deposit.

The Best FD Scheme For You

There are so many different Fixed Deposit schemes to choose from. Surely there’s no universally perfect scheme. It all starts with picking your bank/company/NBFC. You must consider parameters like the interest rate, the maturity amount, and even tax cuts. A Fixed Deposit in a company, for example, requires you to keep an eye on the ratings of the company in order to calculate your returns. When investing in banks, you must know their premature withdrawal clauses and other hidden costs. Only then can you be sure that your money is in the right place, doing the right thing for you.

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2 responses to “Fixed Deposit Schemes for Retirement”

  1. Pavan Avatar

    Hello Atul,

    According to me an ideal retirement fund must consist of 70% debt & 30% equity. Retirees think they are taking risk by investing in equity, but I think the bigger risk is not investing in equity, one should limit their exposure to 20-30% in equity, ideally through mutual funds to own an inflation beating portfolio.

    Annuity schemes, where one invests a lump sum and gets a stream of income at regular intervals until death or the end of tenure are popular. The corpus at the end of the accumulation phase will be paid out in two parts 1/3 rd as lump sum, with the remaining being converted into annuities.As the interest paid is locked for life, it fails to beat inflation with the time.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Thanks for your feedback Pavan.

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