Essential Knowledge for Making the Right Choice in Tungsten Men’s Wedding Bands

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In order to make the right choice of a tungsten wedding ring, you need to know about the formulations that are possible with these rings.  Tungsten can be processed in various ways in order to be made into jewelry. Whether you are looking to purchase a man’s wedding ring or a custom wedding set, you want to ensure that you get a ring that has a durable formulation.  Wedding bands are meant to last a lifetime.

It is important to note that when you purchase a tungsten ring, it is not made of pure tungsten.  The tungsten has to be mixed with binders, usually sinter and nickel, at very high temperatures so that they create a tungsten carbide.  If it is made of tungsten carbide, it will be a very durable ring.  However, every tungsten ring made is not tungsten carbide.

Some manufacturers have made their rings from an alloy instead making it softer so that it is easier to mold and process.  If the ring is made from an alloy, it is not hard enough to give that highly polished look or the surface that is scratch resistant.

Durable Tungsten Formulations

You are looking for Tungsten wedding bands that are durable, easy-to-maintain, scratch resistant and highly polished.  That is the best quality there is. Quality manufacturers can afford the expensive equipment needed and the diamond tooling that is necessary to fashion tungsten carbide into rings.

A good manufacturer will also know the right blend of the tungsten carbide to use.  It is possible for a manufacturer to make a tungsten carbide that is too hard which can made a ring too fragile.  If the blend is wrong, the ring will end up being brittle and when dropped on a surface that is hard it can shatter or break.

A good manufacturer will make a tungsten carbide mixed at the right proportions along with any other proprietary materials needed.  A nickel binder is commonly used in tungsten, gold and silver rings.  Even though nickel tends to be more expensive, it makes the right blend of tungsten carbide and makes beautiful rings that will stand the test of time looking good as new.

Tungsten Rings Shopping Tips

As you shop, you will need to keep the following tips in mind if you are to get the best tungsten wedding rings out there:

  • Avoid purchasing a tungsten ring with a plate on it.
  • Purchase form a retailer who offers you a lifetime warranty, a return policy or a guarantee on the rings that they are selling.
  • Buy from jeweler who sells jewelry grade tungsten.  Ask what the ring is made of so that you buy quality jewelry.
  • Be sure to have your ring correctly sized because a tungsten ring cannot be resized.  Go on two different days, in the afternoon and at the very least, 2 weeks apart.

Having information about tungsten rings and their formulations will help you make the right choice when purchasing your wedding bands.  You will buy long-lasting rings that will keep their original shine with minimal maintenance.  That’s a smart choice!

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