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There’s something especially romantic about the sunset. As a result, twilight is the perfect time for a romantic outdoor date as the sun transforms from clear blue to a vibrant combination of oranges, reds, golds, and even pinks. Thanks to its location on the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Australia offers amazing spots to watch the sun set. So, select a campervan hire, plan a journey Down Under, and discover the most romantic spots to watch the sun set in this beautiful country.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge

If your Australian adventure will take you to Sydney, ensure you’re on the Sydney Harbour Bridget at sunset. You’ll watch the sun set behind some of the city’s most well-known sites, including the iconic Opera House. Your big city adventure will turn romantic when you stroll down the bridge at twilight.

Punsand Bay

Travel to the northernmost point of Australia to watch the sun set on the Indian Ocean. Set in Cape York, Punsand Bay’s oceanside location allows you to take in the vibrant hues when the sun and the sea collide. You can find a campground to stay here as well, or you can simple stroll to the shore and enjoy a romantic walk on the beach as the sun sets in the distance.

Gantheaume Point

At any time of day, Gantheaume Point in northwest Australia is a sight to be seen. Its white sandy beaches collide with turquoise waters and red rock cliffs. At twilight, the view is even more stunning. Cosy up for a beachside picnic with the one you love, and take in the rich colours of the sunset over the Indian Ocean.

West Beach

Another spot for a romantic sunset in Australia is West Beach, which is in South Australia. In addition to the stunning views of an oceanside sunset, this beach offers a more secluded setting than other South Australia sites. As a result, you’ll enjoy some one-on-one time with that special someone, all under the golden hue of the setting sun.

Cable Beach

Take in the sunset in a unique way at Cable Beach. Located in the Western Kimberly region in Brome, this beach features expansive views of the Indian Ocean. You can go on a camel ride at sunset along the beach, making it a date night that you’ll never forget.

Coolangatta on the Gold Coast

The southernmost city of Queensland’s Gold Coast, Coolangatta juxtaposes the sunset with the city skyline in the distance. As a result, you can enjoy waterside views at sunset while still feeling like you’re in the city. This spot is an ideal spot for a romantic date night for beach-goers who have a fondness for big cities.

Newcastle in New South Wales

Perhaps a calm river is more your style. If so, head to Newcastle in New South Wales where you and your special someone can watch the sun set at the Hunter River. The gold and orange hues of the sun will peek out above the treeline. This romantic date is ideal for nature lovers who enjoy the serenity of the great outdoors.


There’s no shortage of romantic spots to watch a sunset in Australia. Whether you’re overlooking a city skyline, sitting on the sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean, or relaxing by a river, you have plenty of spots to enjoy captivating views with the one you love.

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