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These are the saved game files of the Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

If you have a brand new game installation of GTA VC, it is recommended that you start the game first, and then exit it right after the first mission starts. This will create all the required files and folders in the My Document folder where all the saved games are stored.

Instructions to Use Saved Files of GTA VC

  • Download the saved file first.
  • Unzip the zipped file (Saved Files are Zipped).
  • Copy the “GTAVCsf1.b” named file from the zipped folder and paste it to the directory of “GTA Vice City User Files” which is located in the following directory “C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\My Documents”.
  • Start the game load the first saved game and enjoy.

Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Saved Games (Mission Wise)

Mission NameSave File
The PartyDownload
Back Alley BrawlDownload
Jury FuryDownload
Road KillDownload
Four IronDownload
Demolition ManDownload
Treacherous SwineDownload
Mall ShootoutDownload
Waste the WifeDownload
Guardian AngelsDownload
The ChaseDownload
Phnom Penh 86Download
Sir, Yes SirDownload
The Fastest BoatDownload
Supply and DemandDownload
Two Bit HitDownload
Death RowDownload
All Hands on DeckDownload
Rub OutDownload
Shake DownDownload
Bar RawlDownload
Cop LandDownload
Love JuiceDownload
Check-out at the Check-inDownload
Stunt Boat ChallengeDownload
Cannon FodderDownload
Naval EngagementDownload
Juju ScrambleDownload
Bombs AwayDownload
Dirty LickingsDownload
Trojan VoodooDownload
Psycho KillerDownload
Alloy Wheels of SteelDownload
Messing with the ManDownload
Hot TiedDownload
Publicity TourDownload
No EscapeDownload
The ShootistDownload
The DriverDownload
The JobDownload
Loose EndsDownload
Gun RunnerDownload
Boomshine SaigonDownload
Recruitment DriveDownload
Dildo DodoDownload
Marthas Mug ShotDownload
Spilling the BeansDownload
Hit the CourierDownload
Friendly RivalryDownload
Checkpoint CharlieDownload
Car ShowroomDownload
Pole Position ClubDownload
Vice PointDownload
Ocean Heigist ApartmentDownload
Cap The CollectorDownload
Keep Your Friends CloseDownload
Hyman CondoDownload

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15 responses to “Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Saved Games”

  1. simon joy Avatar
    simon joy


    Thanks for sharing saved games of one my favorate games GTA. Any way am already completed playing. But i prefer to play without saved games. Thats the spirit of game buddy.. 😛

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Yes, Simon Joy. Agreed with you completely. Still people need this to low down their tension of winning this game without spending hours on single level. I hope you like it.

  2. saravanan Avatar

    Thank u Sooooooooooooooo much sir………….

    Hard two stages in vice city its demolition man and stunt boat challenge

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Its my pleasure Saravanan…

      Really as you said in GTA Vice City Demolition Man and Stunt Boat Challenge are very hard. I hope my saved game collection help you out to cross this levels.

      1. saravanan Avatar

        yes i did it.

  3. TAHA AHMAD Avatar

    this is a very best game

  4. Ali khan Avatar
    Ali khan

    thanks sir

  5. david muganda Avatar
    david muganda

    thanks very much!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4sharing saved game with us coz demolition man is z hard mission ever

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      always Welcome here… 🙂

  6. nehal Avatar

    so i tried to add in the saved file for demolition man on a game i already have and it didnt work, can i only do this on a new game?

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      No new game is required. Just download any save level extract it and get GTAVCsf1.b file and copy or save it to C:Documents and SettingsYour NameMy DocumentsGTA Vice City User Files. And now start the game and select saved games and choose first saved game. 🙂


    Please I want to be an fbi in vice city and also do the soldiers camp mission but i dont know how to
    Can I please get help

  8. king Avatar

    loveley way to complete all missions

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