Daily Inspiration: It’s the Little Things

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There are always big things to focus on. There are careers, vacations, weddings, retirement, children, work promotions – the list goes on and on forever. These are the points of serious business. These are the reasons you work hard and organize. These are the reasons you stress out. Sometimes you just need a break from the big things though, and that’s when you can find the most inspiration in the smallest things; the things you might take for granted, that are tiny, repeated events all during the course of your day, or perhaps week. And especially with the way that technology can be treated these days, sometimes pleasant reminders of good, little things is all you need to keep your energy level up for the big stuff.

Little Inspirations Using Money

It’s been said that money is the root of all evil, and then it’s been said that the love of money is the root of all evil. Money in itself is just a means to an end, though it’s one that’s very prevalent. So why not use that to your advantage? Have the use of money be a reminder to be inspired and joyful. One easy way to do this is to print personalized checks. Every time you write a check, the message on the piece of paper will be a gentle reminder of something you enjoy. Or you could always keep a dollar bill in a special place in your wallet, and earmark it for your favorite snack at the snack machine. Simple, easy, enjoyable reminders!

Little Inspirations Using Your Phone

There are thousands of mobile phone apps that deal with the topic of inspiration. They can be in the form of at-the-ready quotations from famous people. They can be cheerleaders for weight loss, or attitude improvement. It’s never been easier to be inspired by a mobile app, and many of them are even free. Find one that fits your personality today and give it a shot. See if a few gentle mobile reminders every day don’t make you feel better.

Little Inspirations from Your Friends

Make a deal today with your best friend that the two of you will talk once a day about positive things, or maybe that you’ll guarantee each other that you’ll send a few random happy texts during the day. This can make a world of difference when people depend on each other, successfully, while big issues and stresses threaten to take over your mindset. These kinds of agreements are intensely beneficial when it comes to maintaining a positive attitude, so don’t ever discount the possibility that it isn’t the big things that are dragging you down, but rather a lack of the little things.

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