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It’s not a secret that the more programs are installed on the computer, the slower the operating system’s functioning is. Alas, this statement is true for Windows, where there is a system registry that swells by leaps and bounds, and for Mac OS X. There are no registries here, but this does not mean that there is nowhere to accumulate rubbish. The problem of Macs is all sorts of caches, numerous temporary versions of the same files, hundreds of files that store program and system settings. Some programs try to find and remove such garbage, like AppZapper. Some programs specialize in cleaning caches – for example, Onyx. And there is CleanMyMac – a program in which developers have tried to implement a comprehensive approach to cleaning all kinds of garbage. So, the best way to clear cache on your Mac – resort to help of CleanMyMac.


CleanMyMac Combines a Lot of Features, Replacing Many Analogs:

  • Clearing system, program and user caches;
  • Cleaning temporary files;
  • Cleaning event logs;
  • Remove unnecessary languages from the system and applications;
  • Removing useless code snippets (for example, those parts of programs that are written for older PowerPC processors);
  • Eliminating Widgets and Plugins;
  • Remove unnecessary programs and all associated files;
  • Secure erasure of data.

The first three options are available for free utility Onyx, the next two are Xslimmer, the following are AppZapper, and it’s safe for Mac OS X to erase files. Thus, CleanMyMac does not offer anything radically new. The chief merit of the program is that all of the listed eight functions can be performed with a single click of a button. Well, plus to this – a user-friendly interface and stylish design.

After the first start of the program, you can immediately commence scanning your computer for debris by clicking the green “Search” button below.

But it would be correct to walk through the settings of the program to indicate what should be considered as garbage, and what is not. First, decide for yourself whether you need to cut out unnecessary code from programs – in some cases, this leads to their inoperability. It’s worth mentioning, CleanMyMac downloads regularly from the manufacturer’s website a blacklist of such programs to avoid trouble. Secondly, determine the list of languages you need, leaving a tick about them.

Advanced program settings relate to the removal of files and programs. For privacy, you can enable multiple overwrite of the disk space remaining after the information is deleted. The second option is even more interesting – if you leave a tick here, then CleanMyMac will automatically be started every time you drag any program into the Recycle Bin, and will immediately scan the program to be deleted for the garbage files associated with it.

Depending on the settings within the alinement of the checkmarks and the disk fullness, scanning may take up to 5 minutes. Its’ results can be monitored in real time.

After the scan is completed, the “Clear” button becomes available. But it does not recommend taking quick steps and immediately pressing it. It’s best to go through the categories on the left and look at their contents on the right. There you will see all the files sentenced to destruction. The last two categories on the left (Application Removal and Quick Cleanup) are designed to drag and drop objects without any scanning. After dragging you will see the list of files. You will have to read it and click “Clear”. There is one more unique feature of the program:  the ability to publish the results of Mac cleaning in Twitter.

Since the program possesses very advanced functionality and has access to some system functions, it can’t be found within the Mac AppStore. You need to download it from the official resource only. CleanMyMac has three types of licenses: a free trial, a six-month subscription costing $ 15 and a full license (no time limit) for $ 30. The limitation of the trial version is – no more than 200 MB of cleaned garbage.

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