Things to Look for When Choosing a Vitamin B12 Supplement

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Out of all the other vitamins, B12 is the most controversial one, and it is also one of the most important vitamins that should be present in every human in order to be healthy. As far as it’s functions are concerned, well, vitamin B12 is responsible to keep our heart, nervous system and blood healthy, in fact, it also helps to make our DNA which is the genetic makeup of our body.

One of the major sources of vitamin B12 is animal meat and foods like eggs and vegetables etc, but on the other hand one cannot exceed the limit of protein intake in their body or else it can lead them to other inflammatory health issues. Keeping in view the importance of this vitamin, one cannot negotiate on it at any cost which is why it’s pretty important to know that from where and what exact amount should you consume to fulfill the body’s requirement of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 Supplement

Supplementation Is A Smart Option

As said earlier, you cannot consume too many proteins just to fulfill the vitamin B12 requirement of your body which is why supplementation is a wiser option. The best but the most confusing part comes when you have to choose one supplement for B12 when you head to the store because this vitamin comes in a wide range of supplements. All the liquids, capsules and powders can actually put you in a great confusion on what to buy and what to buy. Now, in such a situation you can check the Best B12 Supplements on the internet and then make a final purchase decision.

Things To Consider Before Buying Vitamin B12

1- Make sure that the supplement you are buying isn’t coming from an animal-based source and it should be vegan. Consuming vitamin supplements that come from animal ingredients isn’t a wise option. On the other hand, consuming vegan brands is beneficial because most of them are allergen free and organic. So, before buying any vitamin B12 supplement just make sure to read the back label of the bottle and buy the vegan one only.

2-Go for a sublingual, liquid or spray, it’s not that the vitamin tablets are not a good option, it’s just that you don’t have to wait for the tablet to get digested first and then enter your bloodstream. In the case of, sublingual and liquids, etc, you will be consuming and diffusing vitamin B12 directly into your blood. What happens is that you put a sublingual under your tongue and it slowly melts and goes straight to where it belongs. No digestion and now waiting is involved in this case.

3-Lastly, choose the right dosage for you and if you don’t have some serious health issues then start from a low dose. Remember, more isn’t always better so don’t just grab the bottle that is high in dose. In fact, act smart and start from a low dose like 1000 mcg and then increase it slowly to 2000 and then 5000 every day. Starting from a low dose will actually tell you what amount is suitable for your body.


These are a few things that you must consider before buying any vitamin B12 supplement. So, treat your supplements just like you treat your food and check the ingredients and what it’s made up of.

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