How Do We Bring Affordable Internet to Everyone

Today internet is cup of tea from every second and third person in the world, and as the world is growing the need of internet for everyone is becomes a basic requirement. Thus the technology about providing internet access through balloons appears. Google was initially introduces this idea named “Google Balloons” but now many companies are involving in such technology and tending up to a project which is called as Project Loon.

In future not every second and third user will able to use internet but everyone will. Let’s have a closer look to the Project Loon in the following video.


It would be cheaper, faster and easily accessible to everyone. Project Loon will bring a new life line for those users who really need internet. There are hundreds of advantages you will get after launch of this project. Like providing internet access to backward and village side becomes possible, because it will be centralized to very closer areas the speed will be better, the gap of online communication will end and last not the least it would be affordable for everyone.

Give your hand to the development of this project and make internet affordable to everyone. Finally by this way we can bring affordable internet to everyone.

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