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A java based open source programming framework found by Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella in 2006 is big data Hadoop. It supports in processing and storage of an extremely large set of data. It is one of the Apache software foundation’s projects which later turned out to be a huge success in term of processing and revenue wise. Hadoop supports distributed data processing system which connects to multiple servers and data nodes through which data can be processed using Hadoop. Due to rapid data transfer, it prevents data loss which is one of the important features of Hadoop. The cluster operation or the cluster approach using nodes are the basic founding cells of a Hadoop big data. Take up this Industry recognized Hadoop Course to learn concepts of Hadoop & Big Data through a hands-on approach for better understanding and advance your career.

Big Data - Hadoop

A big data certification course will help us in understanding the basics of big data Hadoop. We can split big data into three parts and see its functions.

A big data has three types of data:

  1. Un-structured data, which is the raw data, unprocessed data which is produced by any action.
  2. Structured data, which is a refined and processed data set. This will give us more meaning and help us in refining our knowledge better
  3. Semi-structured data, which includes both structured data and unstructured data. The very nature that data is produced in its unstructured format and the growing need to structure and refine this data to get better insights and results from it is the demand for big data.

If you are someone who is looking to make a career in big data, we suggest you also do a data analytics course and training which will help you complete the picture of being a highly qualified data processing person. A data scientist has a high responsibility. Anything goes wrong can significantly impact the application and the process. Hence a good piece of responsibility and a very good sense of business knowledge is expected out of a data scientist. Attention to details and a good analytics are expected by default. So if you are someone who hates numbers, we urge you to get your maths right before you begin a career in data science. There are a lot of online education service providers who can get you a good deal in terms of courses and training. Some of them even promise you a job.

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