Amenities and Features Campers Look for When Choosing a Campground

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Campgrounds are plentiful in many vacation areas, so it can be a buyer’s market for vacationers ready to rough it. Of course, roughing it is increasingly relative. Tent camping and wilderness camping are just part of the current market in campgrounds. Some offer RV parking and even the rental of RVs already set up. Many facilities offer small cabins. Though avid outdoor enthusiasts might interject staying in a cabin isn’t exactly camping, there is a growing market for these kinds of camping vacation experiences.

Camping can offer a variety of experiences, and the most important factor is matching the campground to the camper. Campground software can help campground owners use innovative campground management software, such as that from Aspira. Aspira helps campground owners increase reservations, elevate their brand and helps them to go mobile.

Campgrounds and other recreational outdoor facilities often post on social media. It is a good idea for camping facilities to create the best social media program possible for their location.


Camping is a relative term, and campers vary considerably in their desired campsite. It is important for a campground to make it clear what is being offered in any promotional ads and literature. That said, it is up to the campers to consider which of these amenities they prefer.

Potential Amenities

  • Rental cabins or RV trailers
  • RV hookups
  • Tent camping
  • Wilderness camping
  • Clubhouse
  • Vending machines or other available food
  • Pool
  • Lake or river
  • Wi-Fi or hardwire Internet connection
  • Electrical outlets at each campsite
  • Toilet and shower facilities
  • Near tourist attractions and venues

Price and Savings

Campers are often frugal, but the price isn’t the only consideration. Many camping families prefer a picturesque setting, even though some are content with little more than a parking lot space for their RV. In general, there is something for everyone since there are a wide variety of campgrounds.

Camping is traditionally less expensive than staying in a hotel, but there are notable exceptions, including cabin camping or renting an RV, which are often comparable to hotel stays. Reasons for camping are variable, so it is often a matter of personal preference, rather than price, that weighs most heavily in the decision.

Water Fun

Swimming is a must for most summer campers. While a lake may seem ideal, those campgrounds that do not have a natural water feature may have a pool. Often pools seem safer and a better option for families with children. Fishing or boating enthusiasts may be less enthusiastic if there is no lake or river, however.

Wildlife and Nature

Most people go camping to enjoy nature, solitude, and family unity. Some campgrounds work exclusively with tent campers and wilderness campers. They offer isolation near lakes, with fishing and gorgeous views.

Other campgrounds are less spacious, but some campers feel safer when others are nearby. Campers may ask how many other campers have made reservations that week, as well as inquiring about the distance between campsites.

Wilderness Fun vs. Dangers in the Wild

Everyone wants to have fun on a camping trip, but staying safe is also important. Campers need to know about local dangers, including wild animals, flash floods, and potential landslides complete with falling rocks.

It is exciting to see wild animals on a camping trip. Who doesn’t love seeing bunnies, squirrels, and deer when enjoying a nature walk, but bears and various wildcats can be dangerous if near the campground. For more information on choosing a safe campsite, read this from the U.S. National Park Service.

Weather is another consideration and goes far beyond a rained out camping trip. Campers should be aware of current and predicted weather events, as well as flash flooding zones near campgrounds.

Proximity to An Attraction or Event

Sometimes campgrounds are near parks, beaches, and resort areas. Other times they spring up to handle seasonal events. In this case, camping is often the means to an end for campers who choose to camp to be near another attraction or venue.

Clubhouse and Other Shared Amenities

Campgrounds often feature a clubhouse, vending machines, and even prepared meals. Others are near restaurants. These sorts of amenities and nearby venues can enrich a family camping experience by offering a needed break.

Toilet Facilities

Most campgrounds offer toilet and shower facilities, but these differ in the degree of comfort and luxury. It is also important to consider how much distance the family wants from the toilets and showers.

Electrical Outlets

Most campgrounds offer access to electricity, but a few wilderness sites do not. Wilderness camping isn’t for everyone. It seems to be an acquired taste. First-time campers should probably look for campgrounds with access to electricity on each campsite.

Internet, Cell Service, and Wi-Fi

Some campgrounds offer Internet and Wi-Fi, while others are too remote to even get a cell signal. It might be important to discuss the availability of Internet and cell reception.

Tent Camping, RV Camping, and Other Shelters

If all this talk of wilderness camping sounds a bit intimidating, there are still a lot of camping experiences virtually anyone could adapt to. Cabins and RVs can offer all the comforts of home.

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