AGC Soda Line Glass Versus Corning Gorilla Glass

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In the world of glass, the feature list is gone something different path. Recently AGC Soda Line gives Corning Gorilla Glass a very tough competition in terms of scratch resistance and better durability. We are aware of Corning Gorilla Glass which is still world’s strongest glass which can gives you protection near to bullet proof. Then AGC Soda Line comes in the picture and begins the fight with Corning Gorilla Glass. Now AGC Soda Line Glass is used more than Corning Gorilla Glass.

AGC Sodaline Versus Corning Gorilla

Let’s see what are the basic differences between both kinds of glasses?

About AGC Soda Line Glass

AGC Soda Line is the chemically made glass which is Six time stronger than conventional Soda Line glass, it is highly resistant to scratch and regular small damages. Soda Line glass is considered as the best glass for non breakable glassware. Six times more power gives it really sufficient power to beat worlds most powerful glass Corning which is still the better glass than Soda Line. Today almost more than 40% of market is covered by AGC Soda Line Glass.

Protection Strength of AGC Soda Line Glass

The AGC Soda Line glass is capable to rescue your devices and gadgets which are made by this glass from regular unwanted scratches and various screen damages issue. Still the glass is not the tough like Corning Gorilla Glass where you can use hammer on it, but AGC Soda Line Glass is powerful to beat the attack of sharp knife and any very pointed thing. So for regular protection AGC Soda Line is good and price is also cheap and reasonable for manufacturer and buyers.

About Corning Gorilla Glass

Corning Gorilla Glass, a very famous glass for protection from scratches to hammers attacks. The Corning Gorilla Glass is something which is structured from combination of thinness, lightness and damage proof from scratch to heavy attacks. If we compare Corning Gorilla Glass and AGC Soda Line glass then sure Coring Gorilla Glass will win here because it is more powerful as compared to AGC Soda Line Glass. Today almost 30% of market is covered by Corning Gorilla Glass.

Protection Strength of Corning Gorilla Glass

The Corning Gorilla Glass is capable to rescue your device and gadgets which is made from such glasses from various kinds of unknown attacks and scratches. If you are thinking about hammer attack then yes you can also use Neil and try to dig it on screen, but no attack will get success. So for any kind glass protection Corning Gorilla Glass is the best but with quite high price.

These are all about bother the competitive glasses in the market of electronics, where AGC Soda Line and Corning Gorilla bother have their own advantage after scratch resistance.

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