Afraid of Needles? Vein Finder Will Help You Out

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The fear of needles is a common type of fear among people from all walks of life. In some cases, you can actually be up close and personal with a needle when you go through medical procedures that will need to inject or extract from you. Although the prick of a needle is generally tolerable in terms of physical pain, the idea of a small and pointed object impaling the skin is what mostly causes the fear. In other cases, children are given the wrong idea of what a needle is and does, which makes the fear more psychological than physical.


Nevertheless, the fear of needles is a common reality among many. As much as it is absolutely possible, most people would avoid an injection if they can help it. Getting pricked more than once because the vein is not visible is even worse, but is also somewhat common. Although it is not the medical practitioner’s fault to not be able to locate the vein, patients would prefer to be poked by a needle only once and be done with it.

Vein Finder

The Vein Finder technology is manufactured for this specific purpose. Medical staff who have troubles locating a vein can now have the assistance of a device that illuminates the veins for easier location and access. At the same time, patients need not to worry about the whole “multiple needle pricks” ordeal.

Are you afraid of needles? Vein Finder will help you out.

No More “More-Than-Once” Needle Prick

With the vein finder technology, you can say goodbye to having to look for a vein that is visible to the naked eye. Although medical staff are adequately trained for this procedure, there may be very minimal cases where it would take more than one prick of the needle to access the vein. Vein finder devices can direct the medical staff to choosing the nearest and easiest vein. This is quicker and smoother.

No-Miss Needles

Doctors and nurses may sometimes also be challenged in identifying the vein, especially without the help of technology. There may be minimal cases of missing the vein, which may not be harmful on general injection procedures, but can be painful if there are multiple pokes. With the vein finder devices, doctors, nurses and medical staff will have a clearer view and access to the veins which will allow a no-miss when using the needles.

Harmless Infrared Technology

You might be thinking that this technology is one of the X-ray types that produce harmful radiation, wherein when used frequently or with patients who have sensitive health, it may cause severe health problems. The vein finder technology uses harmless infrared to look into and under the skin and outline the veins without causing harm to the body.

HD Image of Veins

As if being able to see a clear outline of the veins is not enough, the vein finders offer an even better technology in the scheme of injections and extractions through needles. Vein finders have the feature of being able to see HD images of the veins. Apart from being able to identify the veins that can be accessed, an early assessment may also be done on the vein by using the HD imagery.

Portable Device

As for convenience on the medical staff end – doctors and nurses – the vein finder device is highly portable and easily transportable. Because of its simple features and device mechanisms, using and transporting the device is not as complicated as other medical devices that needs to be well-positioned in doctor’s clinics.

Find Deep Veins

When finding veins that are deep into the skin present a little more challenge, the vein finder device can help with that and more. Vein finder can find veins as deep as 0.4 inches or up to 10mm deep. This is helpful for bigger patients who might have veins that are tricky to locate. It also makes it easier for medical staff to choose a vein that is bigger and healthier.

Accurate Device

Accuracy is an important factor especially for medical devices, regardless of the degree of medical assistance it gives. As for the vein finder, the light mechanisms used on the device allow it to be accurate and also painless due to the less multiple pricks on needles.

Patient Comfort and Satisfaction

Patients are the main concern of medical staff, doctors and nurses. Not only is their well-being, but also their comfort that is prioritized. Using the vein finder device will give both comfort and satisfaction to patients who need to undergo needle procedures.

The fear of needles is generally psychological as opposed to the fear of the pain itself – since needle-prick is not as painful as what most would imagine – there are patients who still develop and nurse the fear of needles and being injected. The vein finder will help eradicate this fear by giving the patient a part on his/her medical procedure. By being able to see the procedure and the veins that will be affected, it gives the patient the sense of control. The fast and easy procedure can determine patient satisfaction.

Elegant Design

As an added bonus for medical practitioners who choose to use the vein finder, the device is presented in an elegant manner that is designed to be all medical and smart.

With this tool, medical procedures that are worked with the use of needles are made much easier for both the medical staff and the patient. The medical staff will have easier and faster access to the veins that may be difficult to locate with the naked eye. The patients will not have to undergo a long ordeal with needles, especially those who have a general or even deep fear of being pricked by one.

Vein Finder is a helpful technology that makes many medical processes smooth and easy. It can make a noble cause, such as blood donation, simpler and more popular, and it can help parents convince their children that a prick of a needle is not really that painful. It’s all in the mind.

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