Adults vs Teens: How We Use Social Media

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Are we addicted to social media? How we use social media? As per the latest statics and user generated reports we come to a final result that overall social media usage is different in between Adults and Teens. Lately teens tend to spend more time in social media thus in the world teen users are more than adult users and they are addicted to social media sites. Let see who uses which social network most and age breakdown of social media users.

Adults vs Teens: How We Use Social Media

This infographic is a production of GetHow.

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2 responses to “Adults vs Teens: How We Use Social Media”

  1. Kamal Avatar

    hei sir .. you chose a really nice topic to share with us.. today,everyone is using facebook, and u also shared the usage of facebook gap using by adults and vs teens. I like it. Keep positing this type of cool topic 🙂

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Thanks for your feedback.

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