CSI Fan? 5 Real-Life CSI Jobs to Consider

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Have you ever watched television shows that feature crime scene investigators only to wonder how you can get a job like them? There are some careers you can find that deal with processing bodily fluids, fingerprinting and investigating a crime scene. There are different education requirements for CSI Jobs. You can talk to a local college about courses that are offered.

CSI Scientist
CSI Scientist

Forensic Investigator

If you like death, then this is the job for you. This is the person who responds to the initial call of a death. After arrival, the investigator will determine if the death is within the jurisdiction of the medical examiner of the county. You will take photographs, talk to relatives and arrange for removal of the body.

Police Criminalist

In this position, you will be responsible for obtaining fingerprints and preserving evidence. Evidence can include blood stains, strands of hair and other objects that are at the scene of the crime. This person works closely with the other members of the police department.

Crime Scene Technician

Although this person can attend death scenes, they are called to almost any crime within the jurisdiction. You will secure the crime scene until your superior arrives, and you will record information about the crime scene such as where and when the crime took place. Another duty of the technician is to testify in court about the analysis of the evidence that was collected at the scene.


This is the area you want to be in if you like examining evidence. After the evidence is collected from the scene, it is processed in the lab. You might use a handheld digital microscope to evaluate details of fingerprints as well as blood samples. This is also a career where you could be called at any time of the day or night. The criminalist works in close proximity to dead bodies and in locations where there might be danger.

Digital Forensic Investigator

This career involves examining electronic evidence. You will work with software to find any malicious programs as well as determining if there are any malfunctions in computer programs. This type of career is for someone who is highly skilled on a computer and who enjoys working alone as most of the work is done in a computer lab.

Whether you like working with a large group of people examining a crime scene or working alone in processing evidence, there are several crime scene careers that you can find.

The important thing it to find a job that you are comfortable doing because if you don’t like bodily fluids, then you wouldn’t want to work on the field. Research your job choice before taking the proper courses.

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